J.K. Rowling Triggers Backlash and Hatred With One Tweet Regarding Transgender Misogyny


J.K. Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter, faced a storm of hate and anger from transgender supporters and activists after she posted about the misogyny in trying to redefine women.

Since Rowling began to question whether policies offered preferential treatment for transgender people, while putting women at greater risk, Rowling has been a target of the transgender lobby.

After tweeting about the sensitive topic, she again earned their ire on Wednesday.

Rowling tweeted, “Men are defining what a woman looks like, what women should or shouldn’t fear, and what women should or shouldn’t say. What rights should women be able to give up, and of course what constitutes real misogyny? Get a bloody mirror.”

She concluded, “That’s really misogyny looking right back at me.”

Although the famous author did not use the term “transgender”, many left-leaning people assumed that she meant it and criticized her on social media.

“But you are perfectly okay with trying to prevent trans women from getting necessary care, and slate things such as gender-affirming care.” “You don’t speak for trans people but you do.” “You can expect to be scrutinized for your words or actions.” Joseph Ali, an LGBTQ journalist, said “ENOUGH”.

You might want to reconsider your life if you’re aligning yourself with white nationalists and using your platform for demonizing a group that was already misunderstood and hated. Another critic said, “It is truly evil what you are doing.”

“Why are you so concerned about how another person defines themselves?” Your entire legacy, one that I grew up in and shared with my kids, was literally destroyed by you. Let people live their lives. Please, stop. Another detractor said, “PLEASE STOP!”

Another critical tweet stated that “Real misogyny helps fascists rise” and that genociding trans persons make you feel unfulfilled.

Rowling’s bravery in defending women and their security was applauded by others.

Rowling’s views on transgender policy are available here: