Biden Halts Arms and Ammunition Shipments to Israel: Sparks Debate Over U.S. Policy


In response to Israel’s plan to remove Hamas terrorists from Gaza and the outrage this caused among a key demographic, Democrats and Biden supporters as the November election nears, the Biden White House temporarily stopped the shipment of weapons and ammunition to Israel.

The White House demanded written assurances from the Netanyahu government that US weapons would be used by international law. White House started signaling this move several weeks ago when the State Department announced sanctions against three Israeli Army battalions for alleged violations of the law of land warfare.

On Tuesday, Secretary Blinken visited Israel to warn Netanyahu of the consequences that would follow a Rafah invasion. The US might re-evaluate its support for Israel.

Blinken is scheduled to check in on Netanyahu regarding aid about a month after U.S. President Joe Biden issued a strong warning to Netanyahu. He warned that Washington could alter its policies if Israel did not take steps to reduce the suffering of civilians and aid workers or to stop harming civilians.

The White House is concerned about the fates of more than one million Palestinians living in Rafah. Netanyahu pledged to eradicate Hamas, regardless of the result of the “truce” talks between Israel and Hamas, through Qatari-Egyptian mediators.

Netanyahu said that Israel would enter Rafah, which Israel claimed was Hamas’s last stronghold, regardless of whether a truce is reached for hostages. His comments were unclear as to whether they were intended to appease his nationalist partners or if they could affect any possible deal with Hamas.

In a press statement issued by his office, Netanyahu said that it was not possible to stop the war before its goals were achieved. “We’ll enter Rafah and destroy Hamas Battalions in Rafah – with or without agreement, for total victory. ”

Hamas, in fairness, has done nothing to aid the peace talks other than prolong them. International pressure on Israel is increasing to end the war.

Hamas voters and Biden supporters are very similar. Michigan polling shows growing dissatisfaction with Biden’s support of Israel.