Jake Tapper’s Bold Defense of Biden’s Border Crisis Backfires After Speaker Johnson Delivers Epic Fact-Check


Jim Croce sang famously: “You don’t mess around with Jim.” CNN anchor Jake Tapper discovered on Wednesday that “You don’t mess with Mike”, i.e. House Speaker Mike Johnson. Johnson continued to provide facts as Tapper tried desperately to defend Joe Biden for his intentional border crisis.

At the end of the segment, Tapper and CNN were exactly what they were: Biden’s mouthpieces. Nothing more and nothing less.

Johnson and over 60 House Republicans visited Eagle Pass, Texas on Wednesday, to see the crisis unfolding first-hand. Biden is still seeking Republican support to provide additional aid to Ukraine and Israel for their respective wars. Johnson insists that the president, who is under fire for his handling of the immigration crisis, must stop the free flow of illegal aliens across the border.

If President Biden is looking for a bill to increase spending on national security, he should start by protecting the national security of America. Our southern border is the starting point.

Tapper, a Biden lackey, tried to play the whataboutism game with Johnson later on Wednesday. He suggested that Donald Trump, the former president, was ineffective in his handling of the southern border.

Johnson told Tapper at the beginning of the festivities that Biden should visit the border in person, not just as a photo op.

“I think he went last year,” Tapper said.

Johnson was not interested in the idea.

He went to take a picture. He should spend some time with us, here in the field, fighting this border war. It’s essentially what it is.

My colleague reported that Biden had a photo op in January 2023.

Johnson then focused on the number of illegal immigrants who entered the U.S. during Biden’s tenure — estimates range between seven million and over nine million — as well as the national security concerns that arose: hundreds of these illegals were listed on the terrorist watchlist. Tapper was immediately defensive.

There aren’t dozens of terrorists who have been identified. People whose [identities] were flagged in a database. I don’t like people to think that 200 Hamas members have entered the country without our knowledge. I don’t mean to say that this isn’t serious. I just want people to know that these aren’t necessarily terrorists.

Jake, how much do you want to minimize? How about hundreds of illegal aliens listed on the terrorist watchlist?

Johnson responded:

Jake, that’s your terrorist watch list. This list is not easy to compile, okay? They are dangerous people coming into the country.


Tapper plays the “Oh Yeah?” What about Trump? What About Trump?”

Johnson said to the CNN host, who was exasperated by the situation, that the border could “overnight” be sealed. He added: “The President has the authority to do this under federal law and he refuses.

Tapper responded predictably with a jab at Trump.

Even Donald Trump couldn’t seal the border. Congress is the real decision-maker.

Tapper, clutching at straws and unable to find a solution, either lied about the U.S. Border Patrol’s position on the Biden Border crisis or was confused. He claimed Border Patrol agents wanted additional funding to “make their job a bit easier for the coming month.”

Johnson fired back:

They don’t. I quoted the deputy chief [of] U.S. Border Patrol. He said that he didn’t need any more buckets. He doesn’t require more staff to manage the flow. He must stop the flow.

This is what we are talking about. It’s not about sending money here. The White House doesn’t seem to get it.

Tapper’s response? Guess.

Even President Trump could not turn off the tap.

This… is CNN… The Most Trusted Name in News™. Please.