Jason Aldean’s ‘Small Town’: The Song That Just Keeps Winning


For about a week and a half, the controversy surrounding Jason Aldean’s video “Try That in a Small Town” has raged. The controversy has its share of headaches and stupidity, but the country singer is still able to laugh at his detractors.

Aldean’s Fauxtrage Machine was a huge hit for him when Country Music Television (CMT) pulled the video just days after it had been released. At that point, the song which had already been released in May, was at the top of the iTunes charts.

Luke Combs, who is just behind Aldean in the race to the top with his version of “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman from 1988 has leftists in a fury.

Aldean’s streaming sales have soared.

Luminate, which tracks music sales and streams, says the song’s on-demand audio and video streams have increased by 999 percent — from 987,000 to 11.7 million — in the week after the chatter about the song exploded online.

According to Luminate, the sales of the song have also increased. In the weeks prior to the controversy it only sold 1,000 copies. In the last week, it sold 228,000 copies.

Billboard Hot 100 Chart, where his song ranked number two this week.

Aldean now ranks No. 2 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Billboard’s Hot 100 ranked Aldean No. 2. It is Aldean’s best performance ever on Billboard’s pop chart, which includes all genres. Olivia Rodrigo and Morgan Wallen are his only competitors this week.

Number One on Hot Country Songs Chart:

Based on sales, streaming, and airplay, Jason Aldean’s “Try That in A Small Town” rockets to Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart on July 29.

After one week at number 35, the single returns to the top of the chart. After spending one week at No.

The song’s sales have increased by over 10 percent since CMT took the video off the air on July 14, just three days after it was removed.

Click here to view the video for those who have not seen it yet:

I wouldn’t be surprised if, if this trend continues in the future, other musicians also hope that activists will cancel their own concerts.

Cancel Culture 1 and Common Sense 0.