Jason Alexander Uses His Star Power to Share the Heartbreaking Story of a Kidnapped Boy


Most people recognize Tony Award-winning actor Jason Alexander for playing Jerry Seinfeld’s beleaguered friend George Costanza on the hit ’90s sitcom, “Seinfeld.” But now, he’s taken on a very different role for a good cause — working to bring home those who were kidnapped in Israel by the terrorists after Hamas’ attack on October 7th, which killed over 1,400 people.

Alexander, a 9-year-old Gaza hostage, is the voice in a new video that was shared on social media.

It’s not necessary to share all of his words in the clip, but the part where he shows himself as a boy of the same age, and then the boy’s picture, is what I found most compelling. He brings the story of Ohad to life.

Alexander is not a newcomer to the Israel-Hamas issue. In 2009, he helped to create the Imagine 2018 Project which was a previous project meant to promote peace in the Middle East. The One Voice international movement for peace co-created the project, which aimed to turn stories from Israeli and Palestinian kids into films.

The project was launched in 2009 and asked Palestinian and Israeli teenagers aged 13 to 18 years old to write short stories about what the Middle East might look like after 10 years of a supposed peace accord.[…]

Several of the 50 Israeli-Palestinian stories published in two books were selected to be turned into films.

Alexander spoke at a press event in Jerusalem, in 2009, to promote Imagine 2018.

It is more difficult to hold on to this conflict than to move forward. Hope lies in the young generation. They play a vital role in creating peace – if not its beginnings, then at least the fruits.

You can’t just imagine or publish. You have to make your vision real. Film is the only way they can make their visions real.

He said, “If you make people laugh, then you can heal their wounds.”

The condition of the over 200 hostages taken in the unprovoked attack on Oct. 7, is unknown. One of the hostages was found dead in Gaza City.

Israel Defense Forces released a statement on Thursday confirming that the body of Yehudit, a 65-year-old hostage who was taken by terrorists in the October 7 attacks was discovered near the Shifa Hospital, in Gaza City. Weiss, a resident of Kibbutz Be’eri in Israel, was captured by terrorists during the October 7 attacks. Her body has been found near Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

Hollywood is not always the best place to support Israel. Gal Gadot, however, is another notable example. I pray, and I hope that you do too, for Ohad and the other hundreds of hostages taken by Hamas to return home soon.