Joe Biden Had A List Of Specific Reporters To Call On During Press Conference


During his Wednesday press conference, President Joe Biden seemed to be taking the easy route while speaking with reporters.

It was not surprising that the president chose to read from a list rather than calling people from the crowd.

Biden has so far called reporters from the Associated Press Wall Street Journal and ABC News.

Although neither Fox News nor Newsmax has yet been called on, nobody should be surprised.

This helps keep the press conference in order, but it doesn’t exactly shout “government accountability.”

Kayleigh McEnany was the ex-press secretary of former President Donald Trump and she criticized the quality conference.

She tweeted, “Where are the follow-ups from reporters?” “Why wasn’t there any pushback to Biden stating “it’s one and the same if it is a minor incursion” in relation to Russia’s entry into Ukraine? Biden claims he has ‘outperformed’ his expectations. There are many pleasantries and no pushback!

Despite some back-and-forth between the president and reporters, the conference felt unproductive overall.

Given Russia’s plans to invade Ukraine, there has been a lot of attention on Russia. However, domestic policy has not been given much weight.

This was supposed to be a reset of the president’s communications strategy. Yet, it seems like he keeps repeating the same talking points, and doesn’t say anything new to inform or inspire confidence in the future of the country. Unfortunately, the media has mostly followed his lead.

“How is it that Biden chooses a reporter from a list in all cases softball question and then reads the answer?” asks the statement. “I wouldn’t have been allowed to do that and I would not have to!”