Joe Biden Officially Becomes the Most Unpopular Second-Year President in Recorded History


Joe Biden has reached another important milestone. I don’t mean that he set records for president vacations, ice cream eating, or inflation.

Polling aggregate site 538 has revealed that Biden is the most unpopular president in recorded history. This is based on data from this year. He is now in his second year and more unpopular than his predecessors, according to polling data that spans nearly 90 years.

Biden is the only president to have fallen so low by the 517-day mark. Even Donald Trump, who was often in the lower 40s in approval surveys due to personality differences, didn’t fall this low in the aggregate during his second June in office. Biden is not polarizing, so you can’t even say “polarizing” anymore. He’s simply widely disapproved by the vast majority of Americans.

This is not surprising. The president made it clear Monday that pain is the point. He bleated while on vacation, once again, that gas prices and crushing inflation are an opportunity to “make fundamental changes” towards green energy. Biden is telling Americans that he wants them hurt. Americans have heard the message. Larry Summers, a former Obama advisor, stated on Sunday that there has never been a precedent for taming inflation without a recession. These words mean that things will get worse.

This leads me to the midterms. My projections still show Republicans gaining only 15-20 seats. However, a few people who believe in the Democrats may be able to hold the House. Given that Biden is so unpopular going into the November elections, how is that possible? This is not a normal, mid-term lull that would likely have handed the House to the GOP. Now we are talking about a man who is disapproved at a historical level and is continuing to push the gas while the country spirals towards an economic cliff.

There is no way out. It is not possible to escape this situation. I know that Democrats, particularly in the media, love to make themselves feel better by suggesting that some Deaux ex Machina might occur before voters go to the polls. But it’s almost impossible. Given that Democrats are in charge of all three branches, and there are hundreds of congressional races (i.e. You can’t take out one candidate. Any other events will be blamed on Biden and not the Republicans.

Finally, there is no guarantee that economic recovery will occur in the mid-terms. It is impossible to bring down inflation to a reasonable level by November. It is also impossible to escape the current stagnation. Biden created this bed with his idiotic, radical policy pursuits and is about to be tied to it like a gurney.