Joe Biden Says Ground Is Not Ripe at This Moment for Two-State Solution in the Middle East


President Joe Biden reiterated his support for a Two-State Solution in the Middle East.

Biden acknowledged that it was not the right time to resume negotiations, but noted that the talks must gain momentum due to Israeli integration into the region. Biden spoke with President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority’s president.

“Even though the ground may not be ready at the moment to resume negotiations, the United States will continue to work with my administration to bring the Palestinians as well as the Israelis closer together.”

Biden stated that Israel is working to improve its relationships with all of its neighbors in the region.

“I believe that at this moment, Israel is improving relations throughout the region and we can harness that momentum to revitalize the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis.”

Biden said that he was among the first to support a two-state solution. Biden stated that this is the best way for both Israelis and Palestinians to have equal security, prosperity, freedom, democracy, and safety.

“The Palestinian people should have their own state that is sovereign, viable, independent, and contiguous. Two states for two people who both have deep roots in this land. Peace and security can be achieved by living side-by-side. Both countries fully respect the rights of their citizens and both peoples enjoy equal freedoms and dignity. This is the essence of this whole thing.

Biden spoke out about the murder of Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian-American journalist.

“I realize that the goal of a two-state state seems far away… But restrictions on movement and travel and the daily worry about your children’s safety and security are real and immediate. The Palestinian people are in pain right now. It is easy to feel it. We can feel your grief and frustration in the United States. We never lose sight of world peace.

The White House has yet to say whether Biden will speak out about Jamal Khashoggi’s murder during his visit to Saudi Arabia.

We reported this week that Biden stated the following regarding his meeting with Bin Salman, Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman.

“I am not going to meet up with MBS. He’s going to attend an international meeting”.

Although it is not clear if Biden and MBS will meet in person, the original goal of Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia was for him to ask the Saudis to increase oil production to lower gas prices. This hasn’t seemed to have worked.

The two-state solution has been discussed by several United States Presidents who tried to unify the Israelis and Palestinians to allow Palestine to become an independent country. However, this was unsuccessful. Will Biden’s efforts change the minds of any nation? It remains to be seen. Biden has to remember that Israel is America’s strongest ally. This is why he is trying to negotiate this deal.