Joe Biden Swan-Dives off the Deep End With Incoherent, Offensive Speech


Joe Biden spoke Monday and, as is so often the case with Joe Biden, he probably shouldn’t.

Just hours after a Nashville school shooting, the President of the United States took to the podium. He made dazzling remarks about the type of ice cream that he likes while there. This was perhaps his most coherent segment of remarks.

The “Weekend at Bernie” presidency continues apace.

Is he able to read a space? Biden is a man of the people. He laughs about his love for chocolate chip ice-cream and shows empathy for victims of an abominable crime. This man clearly understands the moment and is mentally ready for the presidency.

He’s actually completely senile. As his speech drug on, it became painfully obvious. This is seriously, the only man in the world capable of making ice cream sound creepy. It is also a bit concerning that he doesn’t know which office he holds.

This isn’t the first time that the president forgets that he’s the president. Multiple times he has done this, believing he is still a senator and confusing Kamala Harris as the president. Even if that’s a slip of his tongue, it’s not normal for him to speak in this way. He’s slurring words, blurring sentences, and whispering.

His physical appearance is also troubling. It looks like he is high on something. He actually does look high. Maybe his drug-dealers overdid the drugs. His eyes are small and his skin taut. He seems to be unable sometimes to control his mannerisms.

Biden was seen fighting with the teleprompter in more instances. Biden believes that the United States is a company.

Although I call myself old-fashioned, I believe a president should have the ability to read a huge television screen with the largest font. But Biden continues to struggle to do this. Biden has made the teleprompter his arch-nemesis and leaves no way for him to face actual enemies like China’s Xi Jinping. How must it feel to be the speech writer for this guy, and watch him utterly disregard your work? To make up the difference, you’d better get a good paycheck.

The thing that bothers me most about this is the fact that no one seems to care. No calls have been made for the 25th Amendment. The national press doesn’t even pay a single attention to Biden’s stumbles through each speech. All of us are supposed to pretend that this isn’t the truth. It should be news that the president is in his 80s.