John Kerry Calls Davos Attendees a Select Group of Human Beings Saving the Planet


The Messiah is here! John Kerry, Democrat politician, and U.S. climate envoy and failed presidential candidate, waxed poetic about his fellow attendees at World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos 2023 conference. He said how “extraterrestrial it was” that such a select group of human beings had gathered to “save the planet.”

[Kerry] It is quite extraordinary that a small group of people, through whatever happened in their lives, can sit down together and talk about saving the world. It’s almost extraterrestrial to even think about “saving our planet”.

CNBC reports that Kerry prophesied climate doom in his Davos speech. He stated that he was confident that we would reach a low-carbon, zero-carbon economy. This is because it is what we must do. “I’m not sure we’re going get there in the time it takes to avoid the worst effects of the crisis,” he said. And, as you can see, the cost of saving the planet is high. Kerry is an idealist and selfless person who is unaffected by financial incentives.

Kerry asked, “So, how can we get there?” “Well, I have learned a lot over the years, and it was something I had to learn as a secretary [of state]” Kerry replied. John, this is very believable. You don’t have to forget that climate alarmists were wrong for fifty years. Did he mention that he needs money as well?

Al Gore, another failed Democrat presidential candidate demanded more money to fight “climate change” at Davos.

Kerry was previously charged with lying about a self-inflicted injury to obtain a medal for his actions in Vietnam. According to leaked tapes, he also provided sensitive military information to Israel’s enemy Iran from U.S. ally Israel. Kerry told CNBC that the U.S. should cooperate with China’s genocidal regime to combat “climate change.” Kerry appears unaware of or not concerned that China is the largest polluter in the world, and that he has no interest in changing that. Did he mention that he needed money?

Somehow I don’t think Kerry is a good candidate to save the planet. As JunkScience’s Steve Milloy commented, “Our government is manned by lunatics.”