Jordan Neely Protesters Clash with Police, Blocking NYC Subway Tracks in Viral Video


New York City was rocked by an angry mob over the chokehold death of Jordan Neely. The protest turned violent. On Saturday, protesters clashed violently with police officers and blocked subway tracks in order to cause disruptions.

A group of protesters is seen standing on subway tracks in order to disrupt public transport. The agitators had blocked the track that served the F and Q trains. This caused the trains temporarily to stop. A video shows an incoming train heading toward the protesters but being forced to stop just before reaching the subway platform.

WARNING: Explicit language

Jordan Neely protesters and NYPD officers clashed on the subway platform. Demonstrators got violent and had physical fights with police. Some protesters refused to stop blocking subway doors from closing. The angry mob intimidated passengers to keep them from leaving the subway train.

Police arrested a number of agitators.

Rebecca Brannon, an independent photojournalist, captured a video of an NYPD injured officer limping to a police car while protesters yelled “I hope you die!”

Brannon claimed, “Some ran down the subway tunnels disrupting it for hours, and thousands of people were in transit.” I was told that the subways were still backed up and disrupted.

Protesters have threatened to “tear down the city” if justice is not done for Neely.

The protests were spawned by the death of career criminal Jordan Neely by a U.S. Marine who put him in a chokehold after becoming aggressive on the subway.