Josh Hawley’s Advice About the Path of the Republican Party Should Be Listened To


The Republican Party lost its identity and started to fall apart. This became more evident when the Republican Party leadership decided to follow the Democrat’s eleventh-hour Omnibus bill, which read more like the Democrat Party’s Christmas wish list.

It was not helpful that Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, stated that the Republican Party’s top priority was not economic stability, national safety, or law and order but funding Ukraine’s war against Russia.

Needless to state, GOP voters were just one pitchfork away from an angry mob.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley voted against the Omnibus legislation. He’s also watching as the Democrats ignore the crisis in East Palestine, Ohio. Hawley, like everyone else, is likely disgusted at the lack of leadership in the aftermath of the disaster. Addressing his party via Twitter, he offered them two options.

“The Republican Party could be either the party for Ukraine and globalists, or the party for East Palestine and working Americans. The Senator tweeted that it was not both.

Hawley touched on something that should not be overlooked by anyone who has an “R” next their name.

Biden’s administration has mostly abandoned Americans and instead focuses on what is most important to them: approval from outside leaders and a far-left base so ferocious that they seem larger than they really are.

Republicans have an excellent opportunity to show they are true leaders.

Republicans cannot be “bipartisan friends” with a party which has better things to accomplish than putting America and her people first. Its priorities are clearly not here and Ohio doesn’t need to be included to see that. Our country has a terrible economy, terrible border security, chaos on the streets and so much corruption in Washington it’s becoming impossible to keep tabs.

If the Republican Party is able to act with integrity and sense, it will do everything in its power to help Americans. It will do its own community organizing to begin helping those in need. It will not allow Americans to remain in abusive relationships with their government.

Hawley is correct. Republicans must make their choice now, and they should do so publicly and loudly.