Kellogg’s Donated $91 Million to BLM After Cutting Employee Benefits


According To The Federalist, Kellogg’s, a Michigan-based cereal giant, donated $91 Million to Black Lives Matter (BLM) after cutting employee benefits.

The Claremont Institute data shows that Kelloggs started the Racial Equities 2030 Global Challenge after George Floyd’s passing in 2020. To “fuel innovative and pragmatic solutions to create a racially equitable future,” the challenge was funded by $90 million. ”

W.K. W.K. Cathann Kress (Kellogg Foundation Trustee and Board Chair) talks about her role in a promotional video.

To affirm its commitment to fight racism, the company donated $1,000,000 to NAACP in June 2020.

According to the foundation’s website, five recipients received $80 millions over the next eight years. This will culminate when W.K. celebrates the 100th anniversary the Kellogg Foundation.

The large donations were made after striking employees over reports of a two-tiered benefits system, restricted vacation days and forced work weeks that lasted up to 84 hours.

Nearly three years of picketing by 1,400 people in four states (Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Michigan) lasted almost three months. The two sides reached an agreement in December 2021 to end industrial action.

Kellogg’s also sponsored a pilot program that offered a basic income of $500 per month to hundreds of illegal aliens living in the U.S.

Kellogg’s was not the only company to support BLM’s Marxist agenda. The Claremont report revealed that BLM had decimated corporations worth $83 trillion. This is more than the entire GDP of most African countries.