Kim Jong Un Vows ‘Death Blow’ to Enemies, Snubs Biden’s Call for Cooperation


Kim Jong Un said at a military meeting this week, that North Korea would launch a massive assault against any hypothetical enemy. He ignored President Biden’s request for cooperation.

The Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un spoke Wednesday at the Kim Jong-il University of Military and Politics. According to Yonhap News Agency, the leader was ready to deliver a “death strike” to his enemies.

North Korean state-run media reported that “[Kim Jong Un] stated that it is now the right time to prepare for war more thoroughly than ever and that DPRK must be prepared more firmly and completely for a battle, one that should be won with certainty, and not just a potential war.”

The official name of the country is “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”.

According to state media, Kim Jong Un stated that it is an unbreakable law of war to defeat the enemy’s numerical and military superiority and their superiority in war methods.

He added, “Now is the time for the DPRK to be better prepared than ever for war and win it without fail. Not just prepare for a potential war.”

The aggressive tone of the dictator shatters any hope that tensions between North Korea and Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. will be reduced.

Biden, the White House’s President, appealed to Kim Jong Un on Wednesday for him to accept a Japanese-proposed international dialogue.

Biden and Kishida held a press conference together where they said: “We welcome our allies’ initiative to begin dialogue with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.” “As I’ve stated many times, we are open to dialogue with the DPRK without preconditions.”

Kishida stated at the same event that “the window for a dialogue with North Korea was open.” The establishment of an effective relationship between Japan, North Korea, and the United States is in both countries’ interests and could have a huge impact on the peace and stability within the region.

In recent months, North Korea adopted a more caustic foreign policy than usual. It abandoned its symbolic goal of unification with South Korea in favor of declaring that neighbor to the south as its “primary enemy” and “principal foe.”