Latest Rebekah Jones Scam Involves Mass Shooting and Her Son


The press was flooded with allegations that Gov. Ron Desantis had forcibly detained the son of Rebekah, a notorious grifter who once claimed that Florida was lying about its COVID deaths numbers (a story now disproven by major outlets such as CNN). What was the reason for his arrest? Multiple reports claim that he was arrested because he posted memes.

This is how media outlets such as the Miami Herald framed the story. The implication was clear. DeSantis was a fascist who pursued Jones to retaliate for her whistleblowing.

Keep following me, because things are about to get crazy.

Jones was the first to be arrested on Wednesday night after she posted a plot to kill her family’s relatives on social media. Apart from the ones mentioned, Jones’ comments were shared by many left-leaning accounts, who decried DeSantis’ alleged tyranny.

The truth was revealed quickly and it changed everything. Jones’s son wasn’t actually arrested for posting memes and he was certainly not arrested in retaliation against his grifting, deranged mother. He was instead arrested for making multiple threats of mass murder at his school.

This is the point where I can stop writing. It would be insane enough. It gets worse when security camera footage later showed Jones turning her son over to the police.

This means that the arrest was not random. She was the one who facilitated it, and she knew what the warrant said. She was aware of the messages in which her son threatened to kill himself. She was certain that Ron DeSantis had nothing to do whatsoever with the events.

She still used social media to pretend that police simply showed up at her door and forcibly took her son. The press went along with it. To try and discredit DeSantis, they ran with a complete lie.

This is media malpractice and psychopathy at a level seldom seen. It’s not like the environment right now isn’t full of lunacy. Jones clearly has a mental illness. Although she has been guilty of many scams, this one is the most shameless. To get press attention, she turned in her son to the police.

After this, the Miami Herald should be closed down. The Daily Beast and other outlets that promoted this kind of nonsense should also be closed. These outlets have been burned many times by Jones, but their obsession with attacking DeSantis led to them being played again by Jones. This story isn’t plausible in its original form. They couldn’t believe they were telling the truth.

Jones had to end her career here. After this, not even the most liberal press outlets or far-left influencers would take Jones seriously. Second thought: I may be putting too much faith in humanity.