Leaked Pentagon Documents Reveal Extent of U.S. Penetration Into Russian Intelligence


The internet has been flooded with leaked Pentagon intelligence documents. They show just how deep the U.S. has penetrated Russian intelligence and security services. The source of these documents is unknown.

The New York Times reports

These documents show a Russian military in ruins that is fighting in the war in Ukraine, and a deeply compromised military apparatus. These documents contain real-time alerts that are sent to American intelligence agencies daily about the exact timing of Moscow’s strikes, as well as its targets. This intelligence allowed the United States and Ukraine to share crucial information about how to defend themselves.

This leak has the problem that Moscow now knows about the infiltration and Putin’s minions may do anything to stop it. Although the U.S. was able to warn Ukraine of imminent attacks and the Russian military’s strategies, these reports could soon be overturned.

This leak could cause real damage to Ukraine’s war effort. It exposes which Russian agencies the United States has the most information about. Moscow may be able to use this information to its advantage and cut off access to other sources. Former officials and current officials believe it is too early to assess the damage. However, if Russia can determine how the United States gathers information and cut off the flow of that information, it could have an impact on the Ukrainian battlefield.

The FBI has launched an investigation into the source of the leaks. Some claim that the leaks exaggerate Ukraine’s death toll, while downplaying Russian casualties. Mykhailo Polyak, an advisor to Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Ukraine, claimed that the leaks were Russian disinformation.

Only the operational and information that was published by the Russians is relevant to their attempt to confuse, take the initiative, and discredit offensive. It’s obvious.

Much consternation is caused by the source of the leak. GOP Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher is on the House Intelligence Committee. He raised the alarm.

This trove of documents leaked seems to be a huge counterintelligence problem. These documents could be a threat to our national security or C.I.A. Europe and the rest of the world.

The Times describes intelligence material as follows:

These documents were found online as photos of pieces of paper placed on top of what appears to have been a hunting magazine. According to former officials, it is likely that the classified briefing was folded up and placed in a pocket before being taken out of a safe area for photographing.

This episode sounds like something Tom Clancy would write. It’s difficult to tell what information is true and false. According to some, some documents were altered while others are legitimate. Bottom line: The leak at this point appears to be a blow for the U.S. as it shows that we were spying upon our allies such as South Korea and the Russians–and these allies will have questions.

Putin will use this information to his advantage and make every effort to eliminate the moles. This will severely limit our ability to warn Ukraine about Russian attacks. We are left wondering: Who is behind this effort?