Leaked Writer’s Guild of America Invite Shows Intent to Reinterpret Characters Into LGBT Mouthpieces


Loyal readers will be able to identify the many legacy characters, established stories, and IPs that were corrupted, perverted, and twisted by radical ideologists to make them into delivery systems for extreme politics.

They often claim that they are doing this to “modern audiences”, but this is a weak excuse. These “reimagined” movies or television shows can lose viewers and money, as they avoid being preached at by shallow people who don’t like the moviegoers they are trying to reach.

If you want to see proof that this is a deliberate attempt to inject radical politics into established characters, you can view it below. This image was posted by Gary Buechler from Nerdrotic. This is an invitation from the Writers Guild of America to a Zoom meeting. It invites writers to discuss how to “reinterpret legacy characters in a new queer way.”

Ryan Kinel from RK Outpost shows it in his latest video. This is not the first time we have seen this. According to a TPUSA article writers and producers discuss their commitment to “exploring lesbian stories” at Disney. Latoya Raveneau (executive producer) says that her team has implemented a “not at all-secret gay agenda.” This was in children’s programming. Others, such as diversity and inclusion officers or corporate presidents, can also be seen explaining how they have begun to implement more LGBT standards in everything, from movies and parks.

All of these zoom meeting leaks were released in March.

Some may be wondering why these people would do this. The simple answer is:

These are pro-LGBT, CRT, etc. People can’t be sold narratives to them nakedly. This can lead to outright rejection of the message. Parents don’t want their children to be involved in extremism, and people generally reject the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism. Parents would prefer their children not to be part of a group that is rife with child sexualization and activism.

They don’t want their child to become obsessed with socio-political terms or concepts they shouldn’t care about for many years. They want their child to be able to develop basic skills that will carry them through the rest of life. It is not helpful or wise to stop teaching them about issues that only concern a few socio-political obsessive people.

These same socio-politically obsessed people must inject their ideas into people who already love and trust them as a way of slowly normalizing their extremism in children. Although it might seem like a minor kiss or a gay encounter-cute here, all of this is helping to teach your child that all of these things are normal.

Disney isn’t asking why people aren’t coming to see their films and shows as much as they think. Parents are increasingly watching and combing through what their children watch, and they aren’t liking what they see.

Studio owners can expect parents to stop paying them cash. The more they accuse parents and guardians of being racist, the more they can expect to fail at the box office.