Liberals Melt Down Over Univision Interviewing Trump


The usually left-leaning Spanish-language network Univision is feeling the liberal heat from “celebrities” and the corporate press for having the temerity to host former President Donald Trump for an interview.

Remember how leftists blew up over the fact CNN held a town hall with Trump in May and let him speak? The network’s backlash was so severe that Christiane Amanpour, a veteran journalist, launched a stinging criticism of her employers. Staffers applauded it on social media.

Amanpour was the only CNN personality to criticize the event in a public way. While Anderson Cooper, Oliver Darcy, and Jake Tapper were also leftists, Amanpour’s speech had the highest profile and led to the demise of Chris Licht, the then-CEO of the network.

But they missed something. The network is in the business of drawing viewers. Trump has been the only program in recent years that brought in decent numbers.

Liberals want to silence all opposition voices, not debate issues. John Leguizamo, the actor, rants about Trump on Univision.

The tweet concludes with:

You may wonder why a network would be cozying up to someone who has called Mexicans criminals and rapists, who has separated families and who opposes DACA, and is now threatening massive raids and deportations. It’s because Jared Kushner is friends with one of the executives who runs the place.

Leguizamo: “I ask all my brothers and sisters who are actors, musicians, politicians, and activists not to go on Univision.”

In addition, he wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday titled “Cozying Up to Trump, Univision betrays its Spanish-speaking Viewers.” Leguizamo says that it’s now a betrayal to broadcast voices you disagree with. Isn’t saying that all Spanish speakers have the same opinions a bit discriminatory and demeaning?

Funny enough, the background of the person posting the video above says “Defend Democracy.” Isn’t democracy dependent on a free and balanced press, as well as a vigorous exchange of ideas? This guy doesn’t think so.

He was not the only person who demanded that an ex-president be removed from the airwaves.

The Washington Post ran a story titled “Latino Backlash Grows Over Donald Trump’s Friendly Univision Interview.” The article reported that “major Latino groups delivered a protest letter to the network’s executives, and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus was prepared to request a meet-up with the network “…

The View Jokers also got involved because, of course, they did. In one segment, co-host Ana Navarro said, “It’s time for us Latinos to hold Univision responsible.”

You get the picture. The left wants to censor all dissenting opinions.

It’s fine to disagree with a candidate’s statements. But it’s quite another to tell them they shouldn’t be allowed to speak. This is not the American way.