Liz Cheney Accuses Ronna McDaniel of ‘Collaborating’ With Trump’s ‘Nazi Propaganda’


Remember when I wrote that some on the left claimed former President Donald Trump was Hitler reincarnated because he called fascists and Marxists “vermin”?

Well, it appears everyone’s favorite washed-up Republican politician Liz Cheney decided to join in on the “Everyone I Don’t Like Is Hitler” chorus on Monday while responding to a video clip of Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel chiming in on the matter.

McDaniel’s opinion on Trump’s remarks was sought during an interview with Kristen Welker of NBC News. McDaniel replied that she “would not comment on candidates or their campaign messages” and that Trump “loves veterans”.

Cheney was not happy with McDaniel for failing to erupt into a puddle of faux-hysteria against Trump. Her entire political platform is based on the Orange Man What Is Bad. Cheney attacked the RNC chair in a social media post on X (formerly Twitter), accusing her of “collaborating” with Trump’s use of Nazi propaganda.

Those who didn’t see the story will be surprised to learn that the left engaged in a massive campaign of hand-wringing after Trump’s Veterans Day address. He said, “Near the end of his speech:

“We promise to you that, in the future, we will eliminate the communists and Marxists who live within our borders and are liars and thieves and those who cheat at elections. They will do anything to destroy America, including illegally.

Cheney is likely not to have meant a word of what she wrote on X – just as the other leftists who are happy to downplay Hitler’s atrocities in order for Trump’s detractors. Remember, Cheney has been on a vendetta against former President Bush for many years. It was actually her obsession with Trump that led Wyoming voters to kick her out of Congress in the midterm elections of 2022.

Cheney has become just another neocon that nobody takes seriously (except for the left). She continues to show a remarkable inability to understand herself and read the situation. She had the audacity to suggest last month that she could run for president, despite most conservative voters preferring to bathe in acid rather than vote for her.

Cheney’s fall is not all bad news. We still need to have people who can make us laugh on occasion in these difficult times. Cheney has proven time and again that she’s up to the job.