Lori Lightfoot Gives Chicagoans Another Reason to Vote Against Her During Lunar New Year Parade


Conservatives, including Tucker Carlson, joked about the running contest between de Blasio, a Democrat, and Lori Lightfoot (also a Democrat) to find America’s worst mayor.

At the time, I gave the edge to the failed 2020 presidential candidate de Blasio. There was no further contest after his second term ended in December 2021.

Lightfoot has repeatedly shown that she is the worst. This includes her proposal to get a raise during another Chicago violent crime wave, her double-faced nature of blaming store owners for the looting sprees, her threat to use force against lockdown opponents during the COVID pandemic, and, most importantly, her inability to address Chicago’s rampant crime rise.

Lightfoot was not able to help herself over the weekend at the annual Argyle Lunar New Year Parade. She proceeded to “dance” in the middle of a drumline performance while shouting out to people to vote in the next month’s mayoral elections, where Lightfoot will be facing eight challengers.


It would have made the video even better if Lightfoot had not been there. Lightfoot recognized the Kaotic Drumline as doing an excellent job. Lightfoot on the other side looked like a goofball.

Lightfoot has been criticized for her past TikTok videos that featured dancing and singing. This seems to be a confirmation of her incompetent status as an elected official.

However, her many failures as mayor, her Lunar New Year parade video, and the below ones from Halloween 2020 make it hard to blame her critics, including some on the Democratic side, for wanting her to become a one-term mayor.

There are nine candidates running for the office of mayor. It’s unlikely any of them will get the magic 50% required on February 28th to avoid a runoff election. If necessary, the two top contenders would face off on April 4th. Some polls show a close race between the top contenders. Others indicate Lightfoot is, understandably, in serious trouble with concerned voters.

As she should be.