Major University Rolls out ‘Harmful Information’ Guide, Drops a No-No on Calling U.S. Citizens ‘Americans’


I’ve stopped being shocked at the words and actions of left-radicals for a long time. Although the absurdity of left-radicals can range from hilarious to ridiculous, this is somewhere in between.

Fox News reports that Stanford University published a “harmful language” index. The university plans to delete the code and websites from their site. You can substitute the terms.

The guide explains that the Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative is a multi-year, multiyear project to eliminate harmful words. The guide also states that the initiative “strives to educate people about the consequences of words. ”

Ah, to be “educated” by the country’s top “educators!” It is possible, let me correct that sentence.

This initiative aims at teaching programming skills to college students. It is founded on the belief that common languages are unacceptable. It could reflect arrogance, imperialistic tendencies, and xenophobia.

Spoiler alert! These examples are beyond ridiculous. To avoid spilling your favorite beverage all over your screen, I suggest that you not drink your preferred beverage while reading.

This index includes 10 sections about “harmful language”, which include ableists, ageism, and colonialism. Fox has more information:

According to the index’s ableist section, people should use accessible parking rather than handicap parking. They should also be encouraged to use “died by suicide” instead or “committed suicide” and “anonymous reviews instead of “blind review”. It recommends that people use the “unenlightened” as a replacement for “tonedeaf” and “person with substance abuse disorders” instead of “addict.” ”

I don’t mean to be critical but it does make a big difference to call an addict “a person who has substance abuse disorder”. It doesn’t diminish the seriousness of addiction by using less offensive left-wing labels.

Let’s move to my favorite section, the one with vague words. It is absolutely hilarious.

According the “harmful info guide”, it’s now dangerous to call U.S. Citizens Americans.

The United States of America is the most important country on the planet.

But You can ask any country in Americas or the rest of the world and get an honest answer

Next is the section on imprecise language.

Due to “moral concerns” regarding abortions, “Abort” should be replaced with “cancel” or “end”. It makes no sense. The moral concerns about intentionally killing unborn children before they are born won’t disappear by changing the name.

“Child prostitute,” should be replaced with “a child who was traded”, so that “not one characteristic” is used to define the person. It makes no sense if an underage person is involved in prostitution (which unfortunately, isn’t uncommon span>).

“Karen” should be replaced with “demanding or entitled women of color.” I’ve seen many Karens in action. Karens can be white or black.

Let’s move on to the next section. Let’s start with the section which is gender-based via Fox.

The index suggests that “pronouns” should be used instead of “preferred pronouns” because “preferred” implies “nonbinary sexual identity, a choice or preference” as well as “freshman” because “gender binary languages”, which do not cover everyone, are dangerous.

These clowns want history to be rewritten. They also want to rewrite English language. They’ve been there since the beginning.

But, it’s impossible to close the chapter without addressing institutionalized racism — the most popular rallying cry of the left.

[A]void words like “black hat”, black mark, and “black sheep” because of “negative connotations to Black.” ”

Four words: Politics to racial seperation.

Among the “highlights” of the Democrat Party were President Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 War on Poverty, and Barack “If he Had a Son he’d Look like Trayvon” Obama’s deliberate racial divisions. Michelle helped with this and other obscene lies that Joe Biden, the present Democrat Party leader.

These clowns warn us about the dangers Americans pose to themselves in academia.