Man Out On Bond For Shooting Girlfriend’s Dad, Kills Her Mom


A North Carolina felon shot up the home of his now ex-girlfriend’s dad, sending the man to the hospital with serious injuries on June 20, 2023.

Michael Steven Ricker, 36, was charged with attempted first-degree murder, shooting into an occupied dwelling, and possession of a firearm by a felon. The shooting took place after Ricker beat up his girlfriend, Amber Rose, and fought with her father.

This should be sufficient to keep an individual in prison, right? Welcome to America 2023.

Ricker initially was refused bond, but after 12 days, the bond was raised to $25,000, and Ricker escaped from jail in Catawba County. Things got strange.

Catawba County lies in an area of North Carolina that is overwhelmingly red. It is still not clear why Ricker, a felon, was released under bond despite the charges brought against him.

Lesa Rose (63), the estranged spouse of the man Ricker had shot in the summer, shared a rural Maiden house with Ricker. Ricker was described by a neighbor as “a serious lowlife.”

Amber Rose’s vehicle was set alight a few weeks ago. The family did not press charges, but Ricker was believed to be the perpetrator.

“We have no evidence, and he (Ricker) won’t admit it. We know he was the culprit. Amber Rose, Rose’s daughter revealed that the car had been burned to a crisp. What’s to stop you from setting someone’s house on fire if you set their car on fire?

Lesa Rose, a woman who was discovered dead in her bathroom last week. The police responded to an emergency call about a cardiac death but discovered what they called “wounds that were not consistent with a normal death.”

Amber Rose’s daughter, aged 17, discovered the body of Lesa Rose.

Ricker, who was at Rose’s house earlier in the day, allegedly struck Amber Rose with brass knuckles.

Rose said, “He hit me with brass knuckles in the back of my head after we got into a fight.” “I managed to escape and the police could not find him. The best thing they could tell me was to not be home. They said that Ricker was clearly after me. So I went and got my things. “I expected him to hurt my mother, not me.”

Ricker was taken into custody the following day, in a shed located on the property. The genius was locked inside.

“I believe our justice system is broken.” Amber Rose said that people are more concerned about the wrong issues. There are people who have million-dollar bonds in jail because they were caught with meth. A bond for attempted murder that low makes you wonder what’s going through the minds of those who set them, and how they sleep at night knowing their life is on the line.

Amber Rose had been in a relationship for seven years with Ricker. Ricker was violent and had a history of three years. Lesa Rose was not the only person he lived with, as he also beat her daughter and tried to murder her estranged spouse.

Amber Rose has started a GoFundMe to cover the funeral costs for her mother and “carpet replacement.”

Ricker has finally been held without bail. He will appear in court on November 9th.