Mark Levin Accuses Biden Administration of Hoping Trump Dies in Prison


Mark Levin, in Sunday’s Life, Liberty & Levin episode on Fox News, expressed his disapproval of both the Department of Justice prosecution of Donald Trump, the former president, and the indictment. Mark Levin also criticized the tactics used to attack Trump and compared them with those of Joseph Stalin.

Levin, in a long analysis, criticized the 49-page document and the 37 accusations against Trump. He argued that this was count stacking.

Thirty-seven charges against the former President and the Republican candidate for president who is leading the Republican race right now, with 31 of them relating to document retention. He asked, “Why would you add 31 counts to a case that could have been one, three, or even five?” “They want Donald Trump to go to prison,” he replied. As I mentioned last week on Hannity, Donald Trump was 76 when he received some of the counts. Some were for 20 years and others for 10 years. If he’s convicted of one count, sentenced, and sentenced for the full amount he would die in prison. This is how out of hand Biden, Garland and this hack prosecutor really are.

Levin said that the indictment is missing important things.

What’s missing despite all the 49 pages, all these witnesses, and all of these documents? As I said earlier, obstruction and false statements are all a result of criminalizing this investigation. “If they hadn’t criminalized this investigation none of this would have been an issue”, he said. They lay the groundwork for conspiracies to obstruct and obstruct. What’s missing, then? Retention of documents. In this 49-page indictment with 38 counts, 37 of which are against Trump, there is not one word about a document being destroyed. You’d think that if there was evidence, it would have been in the first charge.

Levin noted that the indictment did not mention any documents being altered. “If there were and they had proof to that effect, then you would think it would be front-page news,” he said. “Instead they are attacking the former President for retaining classified documents and talking about declassified ones. “There’s not a single syllable in this report that any information covered by the Espionage Act has been passed on to any spies or enemies, nor to any foreign governments — not one.”

Levin said that the indictment “was written for a Democrat Jury.”

Mark Levin criticized Jack Smith for his aggressive and out-of-control behavior in the case against Donald Trump. Levin claimed that Smith intentionally sought out a Democrat Obama-appointed judge who was known to reject motions from Trump’s attorneys. He said that the prosecutor was seeking notes and testimony from Trump’s attorneys regarding conversations with former President Obama. The prosecutor cherry-picked the testimonies and compiled them without any exculpatory proof, creating a document portraying Trump as a serious threat to the nation.

“He motioned to people to move boxes. He told someone to get rid of something. That’s why I asked at the beginning of this segment, “How many documents were destroyed?” Not one document was destroyed. How many documents have been altered or molested? No one has alleged that any documents were altered or molested. Period. Levin stated that false statements, conspiracy to hinder, the retention of documents, and obstruction were all crimes. Levin said: “All of these things are the result of criminalizing this case. This is what prosecutors and the Justice Department do. And yes, President Biden has done the same. They have destroyed this country and I’m not sure if we will ever be able to get it back.”

Levin concluded, “They’ve destroyed something that matters to each and every one of us. They talked about suppressing the vote. They’ve destroyed the next election. They’ve interfered with the next election. This isn’t natural or normal for America. This was taken out of the Joseph Stalin playbook.”