Mark Ruffalo Has Out-of-Touch ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Moment About Gas Stoves


It is a shame to say, but gas stoves are the “current thing” in America. The new “current thing”, naturally, will attract all sorts of absurd posturing from the Left, and no one poses quite like actor Mark Ruffalo.

Ruffalo can also be seen to be against gas stoves as the left has endorsed electric alternatives. In response to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s tweet, the Avengers actor spoke out.

Manchin said that the push to ban gas stoves was “a recipe for disaster”; and that the federal government had no business telling American families how they should cook their meals. Ruffalo responded by reciting junk science.

“Don’t get too worked up,” tweeted Ruffalo. “The science is clear for many years. Facked gas has also been proven to emit radiation into homes. That’s all you need to tell people about gas burners. Induction cooktops are a far better choice than gas. Induction cooktops are faster, cheaper, more efficient, and hotter.

Ruffalo made sure to include a photo of him cooking stew on his induction stove.

First, does fracked gas emit radiation? Yes, but potato chips also emit radiation. More often than not, however, potato chips’ radiation is more powerful than that of fracking.

Induction has some advantages but also disadvantages in terms of performance. Induction tops are safer and produce heat more efficiently and evenly. However, they are also more expensive. They also require specific types of cookware because induction heat only reacts with certain metals.

The Daily Mail actually ran these numbers before.

These pots must be used in conjunction with compatible pots that contain magnetic iron or steel. Ruffalo shared a photo of him making stew using the $200 All-Clad Stockpot.

Ruffalo’s brand of range is not known. However, the most common 30-inch induction stoves cost between $1,160 and $4,415 according to Consumer Reports’ October analysis.

The price range for conventional electric stoves is between $600 and $3,230. Gas models, on the other hand, are priced between $505 to $3,250.

This means that induction stoves are twice as expensive as gas stoves.

Ruffalo may love his induction stove but not everyone can afford one. This price does not include the stove. Installation is another matter entirely.

Ruffalo would never consider this. He is a wealthy Hollywood leftist. He is more than out-of-touch and has repeatedly proven it. He doesn’t see a ban on gas stoves as anything because it would be nothing to him. He would replace his stove, and he wouldn’t let the money go to his bank account.

This would be a huge hit for everyone else. This is not to mention the fact that this would overtax electrical grids which governments can shut down to reduce energy consumption.

Ruffalo doesn’t think about it because he doesn’t have to. He is a modern-day Marie Antoinette.

Let them cook on the induction stoves.