Maryland Equity Official’s Disturbing Statement: ‘I Want US to Burn,’ Citing Ideological Resurgence


The City of College Park, Maryland, hired a “racial equalitarian” to head its mission to eliminate systemic racism within its departments. This person made statements that defended violence and promoted the idea of a revolution against the United States.

Kayla Aliese Carter stated that she favors “Black Liberation” using revolution. She also works with activists to develop a plan for “how we will eat and live after the city is destroyed.” She was hired by Mayor Fazlulkabir as a “Racial Equity Officer” in 2022.

She supervises a group tasked with implementing a “racial equalitarian” agenda across all city departments. This includes policies and practices as well as programs.

Carter’s hiring by Mayor Kabir came after he had signed into law “Resolution 20 R-16”, “which denounced racists and declared support for Black Lives and called for the continual and explicit combat of racism” following the death of George Floyd.

Fazlul Kazbir, the mayor of College Park, Maryland, has appointed an “officer for race equality” to eliminate systemic racism in the city.

Carter is currently conducting a systematic review “of all current programs and policy” to check for bias and “disparate effects… for Black people.”

Carter says it’s not enough not to be racist. Carter says that it is not enough to be antiracist and work to “dismantle this “s—t”. She has written posts that justify violence. Why are Black people forced to justify violence and anger? She asks.

In a post dated February 2021, Instagram said: “Remember we are in War against Colonialism.” She captioned her photo, “We don’t remember.”

Her X profile’s headline reads: “I can’t wait for society to collapse so that my ideology can emerge out of the ashes!”

“Today, I shared a room with dozens of people who have dedicated their businesses, lives, and money to Black Liberation. All day long. Lighting workers. Planning (BEEN PLANNING) what we will do after it’s all burned down.” She wrote to the Associated Press., in May 2020.

Face A —-. “Do what I say, not as I do.”

Her X-posts reveal that the College Park equity officer in Maryland is determined to dismantle and destroy America.

She wrote, “I don’t know how I missed the tweet, but I heard someone on YouTube tell me that you had cut or removed your hair, I suppose…”. I was confused because I hadn’t worn braids in a month, but it distracted me from the need for a new position.

She continued, “This YouTube man at my meeting said, ‘I’d like to give the stage to anyone Black… to tell us what MLK Day has meant for you this year.’ I swear I’m gasping. Who hires these people?”

She said, “This is why I do not like Blacks …” and “This is why I can’t trust yT users in April and July 2022, respectively.

In 2021, she wrote: “It is terrifying when White kids stare at me. “I just shout at them until they stop.”

In August 2020, she wrote: “The police are White supremacists.”

Kayla Aliese Carte is the Maryland City Equity officer. She has declared that all police officers will be White supremacists in 2020.

Carter’s salary as a city official is $75,600, slightly higher than the average state salary of $69750.

Carter has stated that she does not enjoy her current job and blames “capitalism” for the fact that she is in the workforce. Carter expressed her desire to be a collage artist or a lady at leisure on X in March 2023 or July 2023.

“I’m tired of being underpaid and tired of applying for new positions. Carter wrote the economy was getting desperate. “I’m not going to go back in time and s*ll down dr*gs. But this is a bad moment for me.”

Carter wrote, “I am engaged in important dialogues that explore capitalism’s impact on everyday life.” (It is Tuesday, and I have to work.) A screenshot was also included of the text message: “White Man Calling.” I must go. ”

“I want a job but don’t want to work.” I want to be a little girl and lay in my bed. Can anyone help? Carter said in January.