Matt Taibbi Drops ‘Twitter Files, Part Six,’ Details How Platform Was Like FBI’s ‘Subsidiary’


    Matt Taibbi, an independent journalist, has published part 6 of the “Twitter Files”. This epic drop of receipts was done by Matt Taibbi. Many of these receipts will raise more freedom of speech concerns due to the volume of collusion between high-ranking officials at federal and local intelligence agencies and Twitter in suppressing private citizens’ voices for WrongSpeak.

    Taibbi noted in the third tweet that Taibbi had posted about Taibbi’s thread how Twitter’s contact to the FBI was “constant and pervasive” as if it were an affiliate.

    Next, we discovered that between January 2020 and November 2022 there were more than 150 emails between Yoel Roth, former Twitter Trust and Safety chief, and the FBI.

    Taibbi acknowledged that some communications were “mundane”, but he pointed out others were “requests to information into Twitter users in connection with active investigations.”

    Perhaps more troubling, the “requests to action” were often directed at “low-follower Twitter accounts” that were spreading misinformation.

    Although DHS involvement was mentioned in an earlier release, the Twitter Files also discussed Taibbi’s “reach” to the FBI and DHS via Twitter.

    Taibbi rightly observed that the government collects information at every level on “everything” from tracking terrorist suspects to making economic predictions. However, he pointed out that Twitter Files was in a different ballpark.