Maui Residents Blast Biden Ahead of Visit


Although opinions may differ, I do not think that it is even debatable at this time that the failures of Hawaii officials to handle the Maui fires crisis led to additional deaths and destruction. The death toll is now 114 and it’s likely to rise as more than 800 people have not been found.

The Biden administration has responded in a terrible manner to the unfolding tragedy, largely due to President Joe Biden, who began with his callous “no comments” response when asked to comment on the increasing death toll before going on vacation and things did not improve at all from there.

Many of Biden’s critics, with this in mind were left in disbelief when Olivia Dalton, the Principal Deputy Press Secretary of the White House made a statement Monday about how Biden will tell Maui residents later that day that he has been there for them since “day one”.

We know it’s not the case, even though we have our famous (ha!) fact-checkers. The MSM’s fact-checkers haven’t gotten involved (and probably won’t).

Maui residents, regardless of whether they knew about Dalton’s remarks, have made it very clear that Joe Biden will not be welcomed in their community.

This one is similar:

These residents:

Some of Biden’s supporters have said on Twitter that the situation is a lose-lose and that he will be criticized no matter what.

The problem is, he could have avoided a lot of criticism by putting up a front of leadership instead of going on his umpteenth holiday (twice within a week!). This summer, he should at least pretend to be concerned when a reporter asks him about the deaths.

In the past, the usual suspects on the left and in the media have slammed Republican presidents for much more minor crimes in the wake of national tragedies. Joe Biden is no exception.

Joe Biden may get off lightly in the media, but he should not get off lightly in the courtroom of public opinion. That’s what really matters.