Mayorkas Feigns Ignorance in Response to Question About Reason for Latest Border Surge


RedState has covered Alejandro Mayorkas’s many lies since he became Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary. Mayorkas lies usually revolve around the “secure” Southern Border or the “operational controls”. However, his latest lie is perhaps the most ridiculous yet.

The show is about to start, so fasten your seatbelts.

Mayorkas, who was at the border Friday to give a briefing on the title 42 expiration set for Wednesday (May 11), during which he “shockingly,” continually lied about himself.

Mayorkas was adamant in his rants, but then a reporter asked him the following question:

Why have you seen such a large increase in illegal immigrants over the past two weeks?

Mayorkas, of course, could have explained the surge in detail and honestly, but instead he told his most outrageous lie yet — in seven words.

It is very difficult to determine the cause.

Uh-huh. Mayorkas is lying, so it would be very hard for him to give an honest explanation of the surge.

Here is a little background via Breitbart.

Mayorkas claimed ignorance despite his agency having a budget of $175 billion for 2023. He is a member of the intelligence and police agencies within the superpower, and he can read any explanation from the U.S. government, foreign governments, the media, academia, businesses, etc.

Mayorkas migration has caused the deaths of at least 1,000 migrants, and has placed a huge burden on Americans and local governments. These Mayorkas-imposed obligations include lower living standards and more civic chaos. They also mean a harder future for American children.

Mayorkas often deflects questions regarding his pro-migration policy by claiming that “fundamentally we are working in a broken immigration systems.”

Mayorkas is back to spew more garbage.

You are aware that the main challenge in migration is its dynamic. It’s a complex phenomenon. We witnessed the tragedy of the fire in Juarez, Mexico and its impact on the Mexican people. Since then, we have seen a surge in Venezuelans over the last two weeks.

We have reached an agreement with Mexico’s government to deal with this surge. The results of this agreement will be seen very soon.

A “very complicated phenomenon”? Yes, that is a complete load of nonsense, Mr. Secretary. Joe Biden made it clear that if he were to become president, he would open the Southern Border. And, P.S. While the fire in Juarez is tragic, it’s not clear why a fire in a different country would necessarily result in more illegal aliens flooding into the United States. Please.

Bottom Line

The worst president of American history, even as the Biden Border Crisis(tm), with no end in site, worsened and became more threatening, fought as hard as he could (carrying the message from his handlers) to end Title 42. Mayorkas, who has been a Trump supporter for years, now that the Trump presidency order is set to expire on Wednesday, says — without a smile — that the record-breaking surge of migrants at the border will be “very difficult to explain”.

Although I am not the type to rush to declare “Treason!” or “Throw him into jail! “, I will do everything I can to bring this lying liar before the law for his willing participation in the clear danger that the Biden Administration has intentionally posed to this country and to its citizens.

Oh, and throw the key away.