Mayorkas Harbors Hamas Sympathizer, While Wray Warns of Possible Attacks


When I hear the sham FBI director Christopher Wray speak, I cringe. The FBI was not criminalized or weaponized as much under J. Edgar Hoover. When Wray spoke to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on Tuesday, I didn’t feel like it was a warning so much as a veiled one.

Wray informed the senators of an increased terrorism threat in the U.S., including homegrown Hamas supporters. Wray did not mention, however, that Joe Biden allowed thousands of Jihadist groupies into the U.S. through an open border, and was still allowing infiltration even as he spoke.

He said: “We believe that the actions of Hamas, and its allies, will inspire us in a way we haven’t experienced since ISIS established its so-called ‘caliphate’ several years ago.”

Wray continued to say:

The threat of terrorism has increased throughout 2023. Since the Hamas terrorist attacks against innocent Israelis a few weeks back, the ongoing Middle East war has increased the threat of an American attack in the United States. We cannot ignore the possibility that Hamas, or any other terrorist group from abroad, could use the current conflict as an excuse to launch attacks on American soil.

Wray replied, “This time is not for panic,” when Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., asked him to assess threats to Americans. We should not stop going to school, places of worship, and other daily activities, but rather be vigilant.

You should probably take this advice yourself, as Director of the FBI. You should be investigating these pro-Hamas and anti-Israel protests on college campuses. The FBI should insist on more sophisticated border screening procedures and they should be harassing, if not arresting, known threats.

We know that this kind of investigative detective work and police work will take time away from the never-ending pursuit you have of Donald Trump, MAGA supporters, and Catholics attending Latin Masses. From the American perspective, our safety is of greater importance. This sounds to me, and it is just my opinion that we are being prepared for an actual attack.

You and your cronies will be able to use the excuse, Mr. Wray, that the country has been warned. You may be aware that something is about to happen. Do you believe that the position you hold or the department you direct still receives the same respect and trust? You know it, but I still need to say it. You and the FBI are not trusted by Americans. The FBI is nothing but a group of shills who work for a corrupt administration.

How deep-rooted is it? Take, for instance, the testimony of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas who was also in attendance at the “Threats To The Homeland Hearing.”

Mayorkas shares the same DNA as Wray. He is arrogant and believes that he’s above the questioning of those whom he considers to be peasants. Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., spoke at the hearing. Mayorkas had a very different view of the situation. He questioned him vigorously on a question that needed answers.

Hawley asked why Nejwa, a former spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organization(PLO), was working at his agency. He revealed that Ali had shared images of Hamas terrors paragliding and called for “the downfall” of Israel on her personal social media accounts.

Hawley questioned Mayorkas about Ali’s status as an officer of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and posted disgusting and inflammatory images about the Hamas attacks.

The senator stated that “this is an immigration and asylum officer who posts these pro-genocidal images and slogans on the same day as Israelis are being murdered in their beds.”

This person is employed by the Department of Homeland Security. Hawley inquired, “Have you fired her?”

Mayorkas tried to change the narrative in the typical Democratic way by accusing Hawley of something he did not do. Hawley wasn’t having it.

Hawley interrupted Mayorkas’ response, “To suggest this is representative of men and women of Homeland Security Department is despicable.”

Hawley responded, “When Israel is invaded and Jewish Students are barricaded inside libraries in this country because their lives are in danger, your employees are celebrating genocide.” “And you say it’s disgusting for me to even ask the question.” “Has she been fired?”

Mayorkas responded, “That person has been placed on administrative leave.” The person was hired in 2019. “I cannot comment on a current personnel issue.”

Hawley asked, “Is this not enough to fire her?” You’re telling Hawley that.

Mayorkas interrupted, “That’s not what I said.”

She’s still working for you as we sit down here. Hawley asked, “Has she heard any cases in which Israelis sought asylum here?”

Mayorkas refused to elaborate.

Hawley said, “Quite honestly, Mr. Secretary. I find your performance despicable. I also think that the fact that you refuse to answer questions from this committee is atrocious.”

Mayorkas is still trying to justify what cannot be justified.

What I found disgusting is the suggestion that this language – which in fact, was vile – could represent the feelings of 260,000 men and women of the Department of Homeland Security.

Senator Hawley’s question is adversarial. He may not be aware of my background. I am the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. My mother almost lost her entire family to the Nazis.

His tone of opposition is completely out of place. It is disrespectful to me and my heritage. I don’t expect an apology. However, I wanted to express what I said.

Mayorkas declined to say whether the Biden Administration would revoke visas for foreign students who attend U.S. Universities and celebrate the death of Israelis.

Mayorkas would have been able to drill his way through the ceiling if he had tried harder to twist Hawley’s question. It is clear that an ex-PLO spokesperson who has posted pro-Hamas speech supporting the deaths of innocents, cannot be hired by Homeland Security. Under no circumstances is this acceptable.

Imagine the outrage if it was Trump who appointed this person. The outrage would be palpable. The MSM should know that this person’s hatred is likely to be stronger under Biden. Why? Why?

She must go. She must be fired and her future activities monitored. This would require the FBI so it is unlikely to happen.

Remember America. The FBI director told us that we should be vigilant, while he knows very well that Nejwa is being protected by the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Already, I feel more secure.