McConnell, Cruz, and Others Make Herschel Walker a Top Priority


Republicans appear determined to win the Senate race for Georgia. Sen. Raphael Warnock scored just 4 more points than Herschel Walk. This could be an unusual opportunity in other swing states.

Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hosted an event in Louisville for Walker. Ted Cruz spoke out against Warnock at an event in Georgia.

McConnell wasn’t the only Republican to support Walker on Saturday. U.S. Ted Cruz, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, visited Georgia to rally support for Walker.

Cruz spoke with dozens of activists at his Truth and Courage PAC Summit and said that Georgia’s “tragically elected Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock” in 2020 had been a political cost.

Texas Republican Warnock described Walker as a “perfectly pleasant person whose views were radical, extreme, and out of tune with the people of Georgia.” Walker is “truly an amazing man.”

This race is crucial for Republicans to win in order to regain the Senate during the second half of President Joe Biden’s term. Republicans are worried about recent polls showing a Democratic surge.

But, Democrats aren’t always in control. Mixed messages from Biden’s administration don’t inspire confidence.

Democrats are reluctant to campaign or talk about Biden in swing state elections.

He stated, “I work alongside anyone to get something done to the people of Georgia.” Warnock did not mention President Joe Biden but referred to him as “the president” several times to distinguish himself from Biden’s rise in inflation.

Warnock is running to be his first full Senate term. Warnock presents himself as a senator who will help the state in any way he can. This is quite a departure from how Warnock approached his nationally-acclaimed twin runoff campaigns, which Warnock won with Jon Ossoff in January 2021. Two months after Biden’s election, they gave their party Senate control.

Warnock must present a more nuanced argument, as inflation is rising and Biden’s popularity is falling. His work on Washington, especially the economy, is being portrayed as something that’s different from the White House’s Democratic leadership.

Here are the reasons Warnock needs to be a bipartisan warrior. Warnock was able to use the tens of thousands of Republican voters who stayed at home in early 2021 and strong Democrat enthusiasm in order to win against Kelly Loeffler.

Although Georgia voters are more likely to vote in the cross-over election than other states, a popular governor like Brian Kemp could help Walker win.

Many conservatives were upset when McConnell talked about the quality of candidates. Republicans would score a big win if they were to reclaim a seat in the Senate from a southern state.