Megyn Kelly and Michael Knowles Collaborate to Wreck Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light


I am over the Dylan Mulvaney/Bud Light debate, it is ridiculous and I am tired of hearing about it. However, I ran across former Fox News host Megyn Kelly‘s latest podcast, in which she tag-teamed with Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles to burn the hell out of Dylan and Bud Light, I knew I had to write about it.

On Monday’s “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Kelly went after Anheuser Busch (A.B.) with a patriotic syrupy ad. This was in response to its panicked and transparent attempt to stop the bleeding that Bud Light had caused due to the cartoonish “transgender Mulvaney” ad. So how far did Kelly go? This far:

Screw you and your stupid empty platitudes.

Kelly was right to accuse A-B that they promoted a woman who “made a mockery out of girlhood and womanhood”.

The person on the beer can is a woman who has mocked girlhood and womanhood for the last year. This has been celebrated all over the country by the far left. It was too much to watch what is supposed to be a mainstream beer company act in this way. This is why they have the reaction that they do.

Anheuser-Busch’s CEO Brendan Whitworth addressed the controversy publicly for the first time Friday. Whitworth, in what seemed to be a backtrack regarding the Mulvaney partnership, said on Twitter that he only wanted to bring people closer together.

We have never wanted to be a part of a debate that divides people. We want to bring people together for a beer.

Uh-huh. You spend untold billions of dollars and decades promoting Bud Light to be “everyman’s beer” and then come up with the brilliant idea, that “bringing people together” is promoting a caricaturist who depicts women. How exactly does this work? This dumpster fire is so bad that it makes the infamous 1985 “New Coke’ rollout look like a minor blip in marketing history.

Kelly, as I said at the beginning, had nothing to do with Whitworth’s statement.

It was a pathetic, rambling apology that I couldn’t call an apology. Instead, it was an attempt to stop people from disliking him and his company. It was a complete failure.

You and your empty platitudes are a joke. When I read this I thought, “Oh, those little market-tested buzzwords that are supposed to stir our patriotism.” Too late, sir. We were looking for the buzzword “I’m Sorry.” We screwed it up.

Michael Knowles also killed it — as Daily Wire followers are well aware of, he does so with ease.

You can watch Mulvaney’s disgusting Bud Light TikTok promo here if you haven’t already.


Anheuser-Busch Mulvaney’s monstrous Mulvaney failure will live in marketing infamy alongside “New Coke”, and other such disasters. This might lead one to believe that this latest example of, “If You Go Woke, You Go Broke,” — while it may not break A-B’s bank completely — is a wake-up call to American corporations, to stop pandering to a small percentage of the populace at the expense and risk of alienating loyal clients.

One would likely be wrong. When societies reach a point where right is wrong, and wrong is right, common sense and logic have already been “washed” down the drain, by some — like so much as lousy beer.