Megyn Kelly Rips Kamala Harris’ Speaking Skills: ‘She’s Not a Smart Person’


Kamala is easily forgotten these days. She has been reduced from being the White House president-in-waiting to giving speeches to political activists who are seldom present. And she’s not very good at it.

Kamala Harris’ awkward, tortured speaking style has become a meme over the years. For those not familiar with it, here’s one of her most recent bangers that we previously reported.

Harris: Culture is, I think, a reflection of our moment and our time. The present culture is a way to express how we feel about the moment.

We need to find ways to reflect upon the happy moments that come into our lives every day. (Laughs.) We must find a way of expressing our feelings in the present moment. This is how I also see it.

Who can forget this legendary example?

Harris’ peculiar circular speaking style is the most noticeable. Harris will repeat a sentence she finds profound in a different way.

Megyn took notice and gave a critique on her podcast on Tuesday. We’ll say it was brutal.

Kelly: I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I did not think she was an idiot. I now think she’s a moron. She’s just not that smart. Forgive me, I’m still one of those people who gets wooed by titles. I’m like, “She’s the attorney general of the state of California. How dumb could she be?” The answer is very, very dumb, is the answer. And I’ve come to the conclusion with my own eyes and ears from watching and listening to her, she can not put two sentences together. I mean, the old man is actually losing his mental faculties. She’s just not a smart person, and it concerns me because that’s all we have in line on the Democratic side, and as Trump’s numbers continue to go up and up, and I realize some of the polls are showing him beating Joe Biden in a hypothetical match-up, he’s still very vulnerable. He did not win in 2020, and it looks like it’s going to be the same matchup. And honestly, Joe Biden is knocking on the Grim Reapers’ door, and she could be the President of the United States in the next six years by default if things go in a dark and upsetting way. I’m concerned.

Harris’s staff, which includes several speechwriters, has experienced a high level of turnover. She can’t even come up with coherent statements. She sounds like she is trying to answer a question without having studied. It’s not a small thing, particularly since she is next in line to be president.

Kelly may be correct, but it’s a question of mental strength. Harris is one of the most unpopular politicians of recent times.

Harris, unfortunately, is just one example. Washington has a lot of people who you wouldn’t trust to run a lemonade stand. America is led by its stupidest people and voters aren’t interested in changing this.