Megyn Kelly: Why We Are WINNING Against the Woke Mob


Americans have let companies like Target or Bud Light for their “woke” actions that ignore their customers’ thoughts. Americans are finding their voices and telling companies what they think. Unilever, the parent company of Ben and Jerry, may also be discovering this now, after they lost about $2 billion on their market capitalization, following their attack on America on July 4, claiming it lived on stolen land.”

Megyn Kel is now laying out the evidence that proves we are winning against the woke in Disney’s case, too. Megyn Kelly explained on her Thursday podcast with TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk that Disney lost $1 billion due to “wokeness,” which has hurt them in flops like “Lightyear,” The Little Mermaid,” and “Elemental”. She also said that “Elemental,” with a nonbinary character, had one of the worst openings they have ever experienced.

Kelly dedicated a segment to the SiriusXM podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show”, on Thursday. The report claimed that Mouse House had lost $900,000,000 in its last eight feature movies.

Kelly stated during her Thursday podcast that “the people do not buy this content.”

They don’t want to see this content.

Also, it limits the distribution of films around the globe. The global box office performance of “Lightyear”, was not screened in 14 Middle Eastern or Asian countries.

To “avoid reinforcing stereotypical ideas”, they plan to do more bad things, such as removing the dwarves in their upcoming live-action Snow White film, which is due to be released next year.

According to Valiant Renegade, an analyst/YouTuber:

The once-admired entertainment company now struggles to make a profit from almost every film it releases. Disney’s extravagant budgets are far higher than average, especially when you consider that each film Disney releases has a blockbuster price tag.

Disney will have to rely on its most profitable properties, such as theme parks and resorts, to survive.

Kelly also pointed out that Disney and other companies, such as Netflix and Warner Bros., are among the top diversity employers. Discovery’s diversity heads have left their positions, but one will be replaced. She said that this was more proof of the “wokeness” failure. Saying:

All these media and tech companies are removing their heads of diversity bit by bit, as it is a squandered position that glorifies someone’s wokeness.

Kelly and Kirk both noted that Disney has come a very long way since the wholesome children’s movies we remember, which elevated people.

Kirk said that “Sound of Freedom”, which is not in the woke mold, has been the most popular movie this week because it deals with child sexual exploitation. Americans are expressing their preferences by voting with their feet, and they don’t like woke Disney.

Disney has lost contact with its audience. These figures should serve as a wake-up for Disney and other studios. We’ll have to wait and see if Disney and other studios take this hint. Americans are no longer silent when it comes to letting businesses know what they need.