Megyn Kelly’s Revelation on ‘Preferred Pronouns’


Megyn Kel announced on her show Friday that she would no longer be using preferred pronouns. She’s finally realized that she was “playing along” with the charade for years because she did not “see the harm”.

She said, “I was a proponent for using preferred pronouns in the early 2000s when I was saying she’s even though the truth is ‘he.'” It seemed harmless, and I didn’t want to offend anyone. It seemed that trans people had been tortured enough by their dysphoria, and the society’s general disdain of them. So I did as they asked. I agreed. “I didn’t see any harm”

She added, “In 2016, we debated bills to prevent trans access to some bathrooms. I covered this from the news desk and sided with the trans community. What does it mean to us as women when a transgender person occasionally uses our bathroom stall? Why would we not accommodate these people? They don’t bother anyone. “I didn’t see any harm.”

She went on to explain that in 2018, she was a host of shows at NBC discussing transgender topics. Kelly joined the audience to cheer on these “trans” kids who she believed were at that time embracing their true identity. Kelly used words like “gender-affirming care,” “cis,” or “assigned to male/female by birth.” She was sure that this was helpful for kids who “suffered.”

Kelly said, “I’d use a more refined language.” “I didn’t think there was any harm.”

She has now realized that it was not harmless at all. She mentioned female athletes being injured or lost in competitions by male athletes; male sex criminals being placed in women’s jails and raping inmates of the same gender; and procedures that make the medical profession a lot of money, but leave young people with infertility and their bodies horribly mutilated. Kelly decided that she could no longer participate in this charade and will not use preferred pronouns moving forward.

They say pronouns can be a gateway drug. These lies can cause real harm to women. Kelly said that they are a clever rhetorical technique that forces you to concede the argument regarding women’s space before you have even spoken a word of substance. I will support people with gender dysphoria who want to lobby for their own space. To create open categories for sports. I will support you. In the meantime, it is not that women lose. Girls get hurt. Females are taught to suppress their natural sense of danger. Of fairness. “The joy of being with women only”

Kelly said that children who are gender dysphoric can wait until they reach adulthood before “doing what they want” with their bodies. She also called for the closure of facilities that allow such procedures to be performed on children.

“I have decided to base my gender conversations on the same principles that govern my daily life: truth and reality. She continued, “I will not use preferred and I am motivated by the growing concern about women’s rights as well as children’s safety.” “I will treat a transgender person with kindness and empathy. In their presence, if I can, I’ll try to avoid using pronouns at all costs, since I don’t want to upset or provoke anyone. I won’t take this gateway drug any longer. I have a child. “Because I am a female adult.

Kelly’s epiphany was a great start. The most pressing social issue today is protecting children from this dangerous group. Why do we have to tiptoe around pronouns when men believe they are women? It’s not fair to the rest of us that adults are allowed to do whatever they like with their bodies. Maybe she’ll reach that point at some stage.