Melugin and Woods Debunk WH Claim of Border Security


Joe Biden is probably the worst president to have ever held the Oval Office in terms of securing the Southen border.

You wouldn’t have known that if you listened to the White House during its daily press briefings.

The President has done more than anyone else to secure the border and deal with this immigration issue. “He really has.” Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, made an unbelievable claim. The policies [he] implemented led to the largest monthly drop in legal and illegal border crossings in June.

She cited “funding” to prove that she was doing something about the flood. She then, in an outrageous move, tried to claim that Biden handled the issue alone because Republicans did not want to. She claimed that Republicans keep making it a “political trick.”

Wow, this is the most ridiculous horse hockey I have ever seen. And that’s coming from a government known for spouting such malarkey. These people are living in a bubble.

She should have asked the reporter, CBS’s Ed O’Keefe, or any other reporter in the room, what Biden has done to reduce the number of people or secure the border. Answer: He hasn’t accomplished much. In fact, the majority of what he did has only made matters worse since he took office.

Let’s discuss one of the things Biden did, and what we call “political stunts.” Biden tried to undo everything that former President Donald Trump put in place as soon as he took office, including stopping Remain in Mexico. Trump had already completed 450 miles of border wall, and he had secured additional wall material for the final phase. Biden has paid millions to NOT build the wall and is now quietly selling this material at a profit. This is how committed he really is to protecting America. He is so petty that he cannot allow his erroneous ideas to override the need to defend the country.

Bill Melugin from Fox, who has covered the border for a long time, didn’t let KJP get by with this spin.

He says that “KJP ignores new and recent surging figures. Border Patrol arrests in June: 99,539 July: 132,652 August: 177,000.”

Melugin shows them how they are not dealing with reality yet again. We are not only seeing record numbers of illegal aliens flooding across the border, but now we have to be concerned that there may also be more hostile nations in this mass influx. CBP reported a record number of Chinese immigrants, an 800% increase. Most of them are men in military service. What could possibly go wrong, as my colleague put it?

This was worse than her claims the day before when she was questioned by Fox’s Peter Doocy. She said they were “stopping the flow.”

Melugin was not the only one to slam KJP’s claim. Others also weighed in and decimated it.

Katie Britt, R-AL, pointed out that even the Washington Post noted the record number of family units crossing the border in August.

James Woods, an actor from Los Angeles, said it plainly.