Members of Congress Can Now Order Alcoholic Drinks on Demand at the Capitol


Do you wish you could have a liquor shop in your office? You mean a place you can go to and buy your favorite beer, wine or liquor, then have it delivered to your office.

Your representative in Congress now has this privilege because of an agreement with Sodexo, the Capitol’s new caterer.

Your congressman or woman can now pay for booze using “Drinks On Demand” with either his or her campaign funds or their own money.

Representatives and staff can order liquor from Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniels, and Tito’s brands for between $16 to $35 for a fifth (but no Woodford Reserve). Prices for beer range from $25 for a 24-pack of Keystone Light to $60 per case of Dog Fish 90 Minute IIPA.

Congressmen and employees can order canned cocktails, hard seltzer, and other adult beverages. But it’s the wine menu that is most extensive. Since I don’t like wine and don’t know much about wine, Greg Wilson from the Daily Wire will handle the wine discussion.

He writes, “But when it is wine, the possibilities surge.” There are many brands available in each category: Cabernet, Chardonnay Malbec Merlot, Merlot, and Rose. This is for legislators who have lost touch with their beer-and a shot, working-class constituents. To be fair, the highest-priced wine on the list is $25 per bottle. Legislators can also enjoy Crane Lake Pinot Grigio at $10 per bottle.

The Committee on House Administration website states that members and staff can be reimbursed if they are reimbursed for food or non-alcoholic beverages incurred while participating online in legislative planning sessions. However, it also says that employees and members may not be reimbursed if food and beverage expenses were related to social activities and social events and that they may not be reimbursed if they have consumed alcoholic drinks.

It seems that Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker (D-Calif.), is behind “Drinks on Demand.” However, if she were to create a liquor service, it would be able to offer more than one brand of vodka.