MSNBC, Other Liberal Outlets Repeatedly Paint Opponents, Conservatives as ‘Fascists’ to Viewers


Hillary Clinton was seen on MSNBC Wednesday during the funeral of Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State. She warned that fascism could overtake the country if “dictators, demagogues” are not stopped. ”

Albright was promoting “Fascism”, in her 2018 book. The Warning” was broadcast on MSNBC in 2018. Mika Brzezinski, an interviewer noted that the timing for the book was “incredible”, which is a clear allusion toward former President Donald Trump.

MSNBC is especially attracted to “fascism,” which refers to a far-right and authoritative form of government. The phrase has also caught the attention of liberal media networks. Over the years, guests and pundits have used the phrase frequently to analyze the Republican Party.

Fernand Amandi, an MSNBC host, challenged Florida citizens to resist Gov. Ron Desantis’s “fascist maneuver”, to remove Disney from its special governance position within the Sunshine State, which is a “fascist move”.

Joy Reid, MSNBC’s anchor, laughed when Elon Musk was called “bro-fascist”. This was weeks before it became clear that Tesla CEO Stephen Musk had offered the company to be bought.

Dean Obeidallah (far-left radio host) declared that the GOP was a white nationist movement and a threat to our country on MSNBC.

He stated, “That’s certainly not exaggerated. It’s academic.”

Recently, many MSNBC personalities have raised alarms about fascism.

Mehdi Hasan, December’s host, said that critics had called him “exaggeration, hyperbole” because he used the “f-word (fascism)”, in December.

Hasan said, moments later, that “We are at American authoritarianism’s book banning stage” with a photograph of a burning novel in the rearview mirror.

Donny Deutsche, MSNBC’s Donny German, warned that Trump’s administration was heading towards fascism. Take the previous two years and multiply it by three.

Malcolm Nance and Clint Watts, two interviewees who were part of the same segment on the same day, both said that America is entering an age called “neofascism.” ”

Stephen Colbert, a CBS late-night host, joined the fascism train. He described Trump as a “tan-faced troop-insulting fascist” and claimed that Trump smells like a hamburger fart.

Joy Behar, co-host of “The View,” has criticized conservatives in another instance. Joy Behar also criticized the right for “traitorous behavior” in February.

She shared with her colleagues that she was born in a country that had been fighting fascism, and that now she wanted to be the one who fight it.