Nancy Mace Locks Arms With Democrats, Calls for Governmental Anarchy


RedState reported that a recent FDA ruling preventing approval for an abortion drug sparked a furious reaction from the left. There were calls to ignore the decision of the judge, which would have a devastating effect on the foundation of the US government system. What other branches of government can you ignore if you can ignore the judiciary?

There’s another Republican who is willing to be a useful idiot for Democrats. Rep. Nancy Mace was ready to step in once more to fulfill that role. She went on CNN, because she had to, to show solidarity with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others.

Nancy Mace, a Republican from South Carolina, said Monday that the Food and Drug Administration should not block a Texas federal court’s decision to approve mifepristone. This pill can be used for abortions in an early pregnancy.

The South Carolina Republican joined other Democrats in calling for the Biden administration’s disregard of the judge’s ruling.

Mace stated Monday on CNN that he agreed with the decision being ignored when Mace was asked about the Biden administration’s approach to the ruling. “There are many other lawsuits happening right now, and other states also concerned about this issue.”

A GOP member who is constantly on CNN or other left-wing networks taking shots at their party is a red flag. Mace has been doing this for years. She claims to be a conservative principled person while offering comfort and assistance to those who oppose conservatism on an almost daily basis. Yes, she is loved by libertarians because she wants to legalize marijuana, but what else do they stand for? Is it possible to figure this out? It seems that she believes whatever will win her the most plaudits from the Washington clapping seal class.

Mace may also have lashed out against Chip Roy and other legislators who fought for concessions before allowing Kevin McCarthy, now-Majority leader, to take his place. Out of spite, she even suggested that she would vote against one of the most conservative House Rules packages in history. She eventually gave in, but it was a good moment to learn more about her motivations.

This is not the Democratic Party. Even radicals such as Ocasio Cortez will follow the leadership’s orders. They don’t appear on Fox News to attack their party’s platform. Republicans are different. The party is in decline and will continue to lose until there is some unity around conservative principles, including the pro-life position.

People want to be identified as libertarians, America First, neoconservatives, or any other identity group on the right, but let’s just win some elections. Because I am sick of all the backbiting and defeats. Democrats have long understood that winners make policy, while losers are left to cry on social media. They are relentless in their pursuit for victory. The GOP’s House caucus supports the Biden administration, ignoring a judge’s ruling. It’s absurd. It is absurd. The Republican Party’s leadership must be eliminated across the board. And I don’t just mean the right’s favourite bogeymen. This is more than a problem for a few established figures.