NBC News’ Florida Hit Piece Backfires Spectacularly, Shoots Itself in the Foot


“Nobody travels to Florida anymore, it’s just too crowded.” NBC News does its best Yogi-Berra impression, without intending to.

A weekend report by NBC gave the impression that the Sunshine State has never seen worse conditions. This was done completely unintentionally. This is according to “more than a dozen recent emigrants and longtime residents” who have left the Sunshine State in the last two years.

How to Journalism 101 begins with the lesson “There is no better data than anecdata.”

Oh, and there are also guns! Former Floridian tells NBC that “everyone has guns.” “I’m a conservative, but I think that if you carry a weapon, you should have a license. There should be some kind of process.”

Spoiler: he is not conservative.

Jayne Miller, a retired journalist and radio talk show host who specializes in mainstream media, has provided my favorite summary.

Miller is the Von Neumann Machine for cherry picking. She could go on and on.

MSNBC’s Eric Michael Garcia tweeted, “Nearly half a million people left in 2022 according to the latest census data.” It’s like saying that a restaurant loses customers by counting only those who paid and left the door because in 2022 more than 700,000. It is the second fastest-growing state in the country after Texas.

Then, there are those NBC chose for their interviews. Frankie de la Cretaz’s quote made me laugh: “Every quotation in this article about people moving to Florida–and then leaving–is gold.” They were either misled by false advertising or the utopia they had expected was not what they found. Who would have believed Florida was home to hot weather, hurricanes, and terrible traffic?


Those drivers? Fuggidaboudit. Dave Barry warned us over 30 years ago, that “most Miami drivers graduated with honors at the Moammar Gadhafi School of Third World-Style Driving” (motto: “Death before Yielding”).

You can always rely on Mickey Kaus for a smart opinion.

Isn’t that it? DeSantis may not be running in 2024 but the next elections are always closer than we think. As always, the mainstream media is the Terimator in the conservative character assassination game: they will never stop until their target dies.

We’ve suffered from inflation in Colorado just as much as in Florida, that is, very hard. We are among the worst in the country. Since January 2021, we’re even worse than Florida. Even though Colorado’s population has been steadily declining since then, the numbers are still alarming.

Florida’s prices are soaring due to a surge in demand. While inflation is painful, it affects everyone. In Colorado, Democrats in state government are fighting against affordability in everything from taxes to eggs.

You won’t find that story on NBC News. Instead, they will try to convince the public that a handful of grumpy ex-Floridians represent Florida.

Next time, NBC, take the L before it’s handed to you by spiking stories like this one.