New Footage of the Scottie Scheffler Incident Contradicts the Police Report


Scottie Scheffler arrived at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Ky., on Friday for the second round of the PGA Championship. Scheffler tried to drive around a car accident that occurred earlier in the day.

He wrote a later report detailing his version of events. In a subsequent report, he detailed his version of the events.

The Athletic Reports:

Gillis wrote: “While directing traffic in front Gate 1, PGA personnel prevented a Bus from entering Gate 1. In a section of a form where he was asked to document footage captured by body cameras.”

“He demanded to be let in and proceeded forward against my directions. I was dragged/knocked down by the driver. I then proceeded to arrest the driver.”

The video released at the scene is not exactly what Gillis said. Although the videos are not very clear, they clearly show that Scheffler didn’t drag Gillis or knock him down.

This video was taken by a camera that is mounted on a pole.

Dashcam video from police cars can also be viewed.

In a press conference, Louisville Metro Police chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said that Gillis had violated departmental policy by failing to activate his body camera. Gillis was also “corrected” for breaking department rules regarding uniforms, equipment and other items. The violation was recorded on a form of observation for performance, in accordance with departmental discipline protocol.

At the same press conference, Craig Greenberg, Louisville’s mayor, refused at the time to confirm whether Scheffler would be charged. Greenberg also stated that the city won’t release any more footage until the legal process has been completed.

Scheffler described the arrest as “a chaotic situation, and a huge misunderstanding.” He also said that he didn’t play the don’t-you-know-who-I-am card.”

Scheffler told the media last week that the situation deteriorated after he said “I’m sorry, I was trying to get to my tee time. I didn’t know what had happened except that it was an accident. Scheffler said to the media in a statement last week, I did not realize it was fatal.”

There is a very important thing to note about this whole situation:

Scheffler is scheduled to be arraigned in court on June 3rd, and Scheffler’s lawyer has promised justice for Scheffler.

Steven Romines, who represented Scottie in this case stated, “Scottie had done nothing to warrant a criminal charge. “