New Hampshire House Approves Bill Safeguarding Minors Against Genital Mutilation Procedures


New Hampshire House passed legislation Thursday that prohibits genital mutilation of minors. The transgender movement has called this “gender-affirming care”.

The bill states that “in the absence of data of high quality to prove safety and effectiveness, including long-term outcomes, only those over the age majority should be able to receive genital reassignment surgeries in New Hampshire.” The bill states that “In general, adolescents who undergo genital reassignment do not receive adequate information to consent in a way that is informed. There is also a risk of parental coercion when they believe their child must choose between committing suicide and consenting to the surgery.”

House Bill 619 protects children against genital mutilation and punishes physicians who recommend such barbaric practices in out-of-state institutions.

The HB 619 claims that there are no high-quality clinical trials that provide data on the outcomes of youth reassignment surgery involving cross-sex hormones and pubertal suppressants.

“We must wait.” According to, State Rep. Erica Layon of Derry argued that we need to take a pause. Is it okay to say that the procedure is effective and safe if there are no data?

According to the legislation, studies have also shown that minors’ risk of suicide after surgery has not decreased. Others showed a “significant rise” in suicides, psychiatric hospitalizations, and other forms of mental illness.

A comprehensive study conducted in 2022 found that receiving so-called “gender-affirming care” for young people has no medical benefits. 90% of youths with gender confusion, who are not encouraged (socially or by medical professionals) to transition will no longer identify themselves as transgender when they reach adulthood.

The so-called “gender-affirming care” is not linked to better mental health outcomes. Even countries in Europe that initially embraced the transgender trend have realized this. In July last year, England closed its only transgender clinic due to fears that doctors were performing surgery without considering the mental health of children. Other European countries such as Sweden, Finland, and France have also backed off from pushing for transgender “treatments”. They have realized the harm that it causes to children.

The groomers on the right side of the aisle, however, were opposed to the measure.

Gerri Cannon (a Democrat from New Hampshire who identifies herself as transgender) said: “This isn’t about surgery, but why we are looking at putting medical processes in New Hampshire law, which is constantly changing.” “[Medical professionals] are always learning new techniques and ways to treat patients.”

The bill is widely expected to pass the New Hampshire Senate, which means it will be up to Gov. Chris Sununu (R-N.H.) to sign it or veto it. What will he do?

He has signed transgender bills in the past. However, he vetoed another bill that would have made it easier for transgender people to update their birth certificates. Sununu is a man I would like to trust to do the right thing and protect our children from the transgender movement, but I am not certain what he will do.