New North Carolina Supreme Court Sends the Left Into Fits of Rage


North Carolina is now in the midst of reckoning.

RedState reported that the previous leftwing Supreme Court majority was apathetic prior to the 2022 elections, knowing it would not last long in this world. Multiple rulings were made by now-expelled Democrat members that ignore the law. One ruling invalidated voter ID, while another created a constitutional provision that prohibits gerrymandering.

Some warned at the time that such abuse of power would not be tolerated by the new Supreme Court. They were correct.

As one would expect, the Democrat judge who authored those terrible decisions (and is still on the court) is having a fit. Justice Anita Earls said that the decision to reexamine the cases was a “display for raw partisanship” as well as an abuse of power.

What was the other thing that was unique? Earls created a North Carolina law that prohibits so-called “gerrymandering” completely. Although there was no legal basis for a partisan fairness standard when redistricting was done, the old Supreme Court decided that it would be a benefit to Democrats in 2022. The Democrats were able to win the House majority with the narrowest of margins. The GOP majority today would have been much greater if North Carolina had been allowed to redistrict according to the actual stipulations.

It is absurd to cry about breaking precedent, given that Earls and her former colleagues broke precedent in order to push through far-left rulings for the past several years. Everything from the previous term will be preserved if conservatives are in control. This is not how it works. Earls can sob like a river, because the things she has overstepped her boundaries.

This is a huge deal for the future prospects of Republican candidates. It will be difficult to keep the chamber in 2024 with such a small House majority. You could see North Carolina redistricting and adding up to 3-4 additional House seats. This could make the difference between the majority of the House and the minority.

This is an excellent example of why even less glamorous elections are important. You can’t enact any change unless you have the support of all. Republicans may have the legislature but they won’t be able to have the Supreme Court. Nothing that is passed will stand.