New Photos and Videos of Biden in Maui Raise Questions About His Health


Joe Biden’s trip to Maui has been a bit disastrous on many fronts. On Monday, the president and his spouse landed in Maui. They spent only a few hours on land before returning to Tom Steyer’s Lake Tahoe home.

Biden made bad jokes during his first encounters with politicians and emergency workers. It seemed as though he didn’t know why he even was in Hawaii, and thought he would be giving another speech on infrastructure. A resident of Lahaina, where the worst damage was caused, was interviewed by local media and expressed her disapproval of some things Biden had said.

The president made a mistake when he repeated a false tale about his house almost burning down. Biden laughed and said that he almost lost his Corvette, as well as his cat, in the fire, while he was sitting before a group of people who had just suffered a devastating loss.

There were also health concerns. At a certain point, President Obama appeared to be asleep as he listened to another speaker. Now, new photos and videos have emerged that question his mental and physical state.

The music was added by the person who posted the clip, but the video itself is not altered.

It’s disturbing. His mouth is gaping wide open, and he looks like he is losing consciousness with his eyes still open.

Biden did not look any better when he boarded Air Force One on his way back to Lake Tahoe

He seems confused and dazed as he makes a few meager waves at the top.

Did the president forget why he went to Maui?

This tweet clearly reflects sarcasm. How can Biden be laughing while hundreds of children remain missing? Imagine if George W. Bush had taken pictures of himself smiling in the aftermath of Katrina.

Because the mainstream media is biased, this is not reported in The New York Times, CNN, or any other major news outlet. But that’s what the internet is for. Now, the world can see the hidden truth.