New Poll Reveals Surprising Outlook for Rep. Boebert in Upcoming Colorado Primary


Lauren Boebert, a Republican firebrand representative (R-CO), has raised eyebrows ever since she confronted Beto o’Rourke at the Aurora protests. She told him without hesitation that he wouldn’t be taking anyone’s gun away. Her performances have also raised eyebrows. Her Denver “Beetlejuice’ caper was so infamous that people’s eyebrows were soaring off their heads. Her political career has been rocky at times but she has managed to survive. She has now left her former District 3 in favor of the redder District 4, and despite pearl-clutching from Colorado Democrats, all indications point to a good outcome for her for Tuesday’s primaries.

In a recent survey, Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert had a better showing than her GOP opponents, but many Coloradans are still undecided heading into Tuesday’s primaries.

Bobert, who currently represents Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District in the US Congress, has been running a campaign to fill the seat left vacant by retired Representative Ken Buck in Colorado’s fourth district. She had previously claimed that she was changing districts for personal reasons. However, the move occurred after she narrowly defeated the Republican-leaning 3rd District during the midterm elections of 2022.

Kaplan Strategies conducted a poll on May 31, which found that 40% of registered voters intend to vote for Boebert. The remaining 40% are undecided. Boebert’s opponents received only a small percentage of support. Peter Yu, Jerry Sonnenberg, Deborah Flora, Richard Holtorf, and Mike Lynch all got less than 5 percent. The poll was conducted among 343 likely voters registered in Colorado’s fourth district. It had an error margin of plus or minus 4.3%.

Boebert’s polling results from late May were better than a Kaplan Strategies survey conducted on 24 February.

If she wins the nomination as it appears likely, then that would be equivalent to her winning this district’s election, barring any future “Beetlejuice-style” mishaps.

Colorado District 4 is a strong Republican bastion, despite Colorado’s blue-purple color. It includes Baca and Bent counties, as well as Cheyenne and Crowley counties, Lincoln and Logan counties, Otero and Phillips counties, Washington and Yuma counties, and parts of Adams and Arapahoe counties. In 2020, Trump defeated Joe Biden in the district by a margin of nearly two to one, despite Trump losing the entire state. In the 2022 Congressional elections, incumbent Ken Buck (R) won his Democrat opponent, Ike McCorkle by a similar margin. Buck has announced his retirement and the seat is now open.

She is well-known, and she’s notoriety abounds – she sure does! She is a member of the House Freedom Caucus in good standing, which might have hurt her in the purple District 3, but could work to her advantage in District 4.

Lauren Boebert can be unruly, prone to temper tantrums, and very outspoken at times when it is not appropriate. She is likely to be able to hold a Congressional Republican seat, which will be necessary if the Republicans are to implement a plan after the 2024 election.

Every seat will be needed. We need to win first, as they say.