New Poll Shows That CNN / MSNBC Viewers Are Ill-Informed About Biden White House Troubles


In a blink of an eyes, you can learn a lot about what people are aware of and what they do not know.

I’ve become a more avid reader in the last two to three years. Instead of watching the evening news, or having the news channel on throughout the day, I prefer to read the written word. When I watch a live news program, I prefer “Special Report With Bret Baier” on Fox News. I think that in its hour-long format it tries to cover all angles of a story in the limited time they have.

When I read the report, I was surprised to learn that people who are liberal or progressive may not be as “up-to-date” with the current news during this turbulent period in our country.

This report is…

The Media Research Center has released a comprehensive poll that shows voters who watch CNN or MSNBC have a significantly lower level of knowledge about many important issues. These include the lack of border security and the economic impact of Joe Biden’s policies, as well as the financial scandals surrounding the President and his immediate family. This includes suggestions that his administration intervened to give his son “preferential treatment” during the Hunter Biden tax fraud investigation.

In every case, those who said they watched primarily Fox News or Newsmax recalled the news stories that we surveyed, but never more than 50% of those who viewed CNN or MSNBC did. The gap between the groups varied from 23.5 to 35% depending on the topic. This is a significant deficit in factual knowledge for liberal cable news viewers.

L. Brent Bozell III, MRC president, reacted to the poll: “This is yet more proof of leftist media’s corrupt interference in elections.” No surprise, voters who watch these leftist cable news networks are less aware of Joe Biden’s numerous scandals and policy failures. CNN and MSNBC are doing exactly what they say, which is to hide the truth about Biden’s failures to save Joe Biden.

It is impossible that the people who constantly tell us that they are smart and righteous are unaware of the scandals and issues surrounding the current White House resident. It is possible that the overwhelming sense of self-righteousness, and smugness that they feel has overpowered their common sense.


It seems to me that a liberal, of the old-fashioned variety like Hubert Humphrey or Jack Kennedy, has been warning his supporters about not paying attention the the bias of news broadcasts by CNN or MSNBC.

Bill Maher is the person in question.

Just to be sure nobody gets me wrong, I am familiar with the exact liberal Bill Maher.

He is the type of old-school person who believes that no government program, regardless of how inefficient, should be cancelled because it was well-intended.

Maher is unique in that he embraces free speech and supports the First Amendment with zeal and is not afraid to become a pariah for those who hold similar views by speaking against popular talking points.

Bill Maher’s priceless reaction to the Hunter Biden laptop conspiracy was reported by Nick Arama, my colleague.

Reiner also revealed his ignorance in the story about the laptop. Maher’s reaction to this ignorance was priceless and so right on target.

They buried the Hunter Biden stories before the election, because they didn’t want to risk losing the election to Trump. We’ll let them know after the election.

Reiner replied, “And we can say with certainty that they did that.”

“Of course!” Maher double down. You don’t understand this?

Reiner responded, “I have no idea what they did.”

Maher quipped: “I know, because you only watch MSNBC.”

If you have the chance, I suggest that you click Nick’s article and watch the short video clip in which Reiner is completely baffled by Hunter and his laptop being reported anywhere.

They have deceived themselves, and others, into thinking that feelings are more important than facts. Reiner’s ilk being clueless and confused shines a light on the MRC survey.

Take a minute to marvel at the ideological divide about news divisions.

What a nonsense!

There are commentators who have different opinions and policy goals, but CNN, MSNBC and NPR’s news divisions lean left. They will not cover any story that has to do with Bidens’ ridiculous behavior. The news media’s actions are meant to protect those who they think share their ideological views, but it does not do the public any favor.

You know for sure that Rob Reiner, if Donald Trump Jr. had forgotten about a laptop he dropped off to be repaired and was responsible for 10 percent of the accusations against Hunter, would have known about it by watching CNN or MSNBC.

The latest poll shows, despite the fact that the country is endowed with resources for knowledge and the ability to check facts almost instantly, it is still slipping into ignorance. I am afraid we will not recover.

I have a small hope that people such as Maher, and others who are willing stand up to take the arrows to chastise themselves and their side and to challenge themselves to learn more and to not be afraid to challenge themselves will influence others.

I hope that more conservatives will do the same.