NHL Player’s Refusal to Wear Pride Jersey Sends Liberal Media Into Fits


Ivan Provorov, Philadephia Flyers defenseman, is now facing the wrath of the liberal media after his Tuesday decision.

Was it right? He said that he wouldn’t wear a “Pride”-themed warm-up jersey to the Philadelphia Flyers’ “Pride Night.” He stated that he did it out of respect for his faith.

Provorov stated, “I respect everyone and I respect every person’s choice.” “My choice is not to compromise my faith or to be true to myself.”

This immediately sparked some reactions in liberal media. Sid Seixeiro (Canadian broadcaster and co-host of Breakfast Television) responded with a maniacal response. Provorov, who refused to wear the Pride jersey, was asked by Sid Seixeiro for “repercussions”.

He even advocated that the Flyers be fined a million dollars for Provorov’s action. “Figure this out and stop offending people,” Seixeiro said. “It’s supposed to be about inclusivity. The National Hockey League needs to attack this.”

Seixeiro discussed what would happen to someone who refused to wear a “military appreciation night” jersey. Yes, it would likely be criticized if someone refused to wear a “military appreciation night” jersey. However, I would support the person’s decision not to be forced into wearing it. This fascist-like “Everyone has to comply” mentality is enough.

Seixeiro insists that Provorov obey his demands. He then insults religious people, saying that if you were to look at the lives and beliefs of those who object, you would see “what you saw.”

Greg Wshynski, ESPN NHL senior writer, also pursued Provorov.

Yes, and? He thinks that this proves. Wearing something that is compatible with your beliefs is how we function in a free society. Wshynski called those who asked him questions “homophobes”.

John Tortorella, the Flyers coach, was supportive of his player despite all the pressure.

Tortorella stated that Provy is being true to himself as well as his religion. This has to do both with his belief system and his religious beliefs. Proxy is a man I admire for one thing: He is always true to himself. We’re right there with that.”

The NHL wasn’t averse to the “repercussions”.

ESPN asked for comment from the NHL Wednesday. The NHL responded by stating that players have the freedom to choose which initiatives they support.

The League’s umbrella initiative, Hockey is for Everyone, encourages clubs to recognize the diversity in their markets and work to create more welcoming and inclusive environments for all. This league stated in a statement to ESPN. With League support and counsel, clubs can decide who to celebrate and when. We encourage players to voice their opinions on cultural and social issues and allow them to choose which initiatives they support.

This is likely to cause people like Seixeiro to get into a fight. It doesn’t sound as though the league is going after the Flyers for a million dollars. However, they do support players having the freedom to choose what they want. This is a radical thought. In this age of freedom, it is revolutionary. From reporting just over a decade ago on the NY Giants being the first MLB team to sport Pride jerseys and caps, we now say “Everyone must wear these jerseys” or face the wrath.

This was captured by Seinfeld many years ago. This was the reply to the Senior NHL columnist at “The Athletic.”