Nikki Haley: ‘I’m a Conservative Republican,’ Rules Out Third Party Run


Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate and a conservative Republican, has seemingly ruled out the possibility of a run with a third-party party. She stated that she has no interest in serving alongside a Democrat.

Haley responded to Martha MacCallum’s comment that she might seek “another route” by running as an independent candidate or remaining in the race “in the event the Trump Train collapses.”

Haley replied:

I am concentrating on Super Tuesday. This is what I will do. I am a Republican. I haven’t talked to anyone else, and I haven’t even thought about running as an independent candidate because I’m Republican. It’s who I’ve always been.

She said that she wasn’t interested in running against a Democrat.

Since my childhood, I have been a conservative Republican. I won’t switch to a Democrat as my vice president. This is not something I’d do. I have always had my heart with the Republican Party, and this country. That’s exactly what I will do.

Haley’s standing in the race to defeat Donald Trump has become more prominent since Saturday night when she lost the election in South Carolina, her former home state, in which she served as governor.

Haley’s remarks come after Minnesota congressman Dean Phillips revealed that he was willing to team up with Haley to defeat Donald Trump. Phillips is currently running a similar unsuccessful campaign against Joe Biden. Joe Cunningham the national director of No Labels political organization, said this weekend that Haley was “someone we would be interested in”.

Haley raised her right hand during the Republican primary debates last year when the moderator asked if she would support Donald Trump, the eventual nominee of the Republican Party. Haley’s establishment-friendly campaign has raised questions about whether she will keep her promise.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Haley’s chances of winning the Republican primary for president are over. The Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity announced on Sunday that they would no longer be providing any financial support to Haley’s campaign, concluding there was no clear path to victory.

In a memo, the organization’s leader wrote:

Nikki Haley continues to be our strongest supporter. She has repeatedly shown that we made the correct decision by supporting her candidacy. She has stated that she will fight on and we are fully behind her. We don’t think that any outside group could make a significant difference in her chances of winning the election, given the challenges she faces in the states where the primaries will be held.

We will continue to support her but we will also focus our efforts where we can make a difference. The U.S. Senate, and the House of Representatives. If Donald Trump leads the Republican ticket, there is a serious risk that the Democratic Party will be captured by the Progressive Left and become a one-party state. This would cause irreparable harm to the United States.

Haley appears to be in the race at least until Super Tuesday. Haley has not yet confirmed whether she will continue to run beyond Super Tuesday.

After casting her ballot on Saturday, she told reporters: “We will continue to go all the way until Super Tuesday.” “That’s all I have in mind for the future.”