Nikki Haley Raises Uncomfortable New Questions About Joe Biden’s Age


Nikki Haley, a former Trump Ambassador to the U.N. is a current GOP Presidential candidate for 2024. I was literally in disbelief when earlier this week she tweeted a video siding with Disney against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

I don’t know who in the hell advised her on the matter, but she should not have listened to them. No matter if you are a DeSantis fan or not, this was a bad appearance. The GOP candidate for President should be ready to tackle the worst aspects of the Democrats’ plans for the nation and the corporate partners that they have partnered up with.

Haley’s Fox News Interview on Wednesday also raised eyebrows, not just for her shameless invite to Disney. She said that Disney would bring money and jobs to South Carolina. She also took a page out of Trump’s book by stealing the “sanctimonious DeSantis”, jabs.

At another point in the segment, the discussion was about President Joe Biden formally declaring his bid for reelection Tuesday. Haley’s response to Biden’s video announcement was to suggest that he was “unlikely” to live to see 86, which is the age he would be if he finished his second term.

Haley said, “He announced he would run in 2024. It is clear that voting for Joe Biden means voting for President Harris.”

It is not likely that President Biden will make it to 86 years old.


Joe Biden’s age and his mental capacity will be major issues for him in 2024, just as it has been since 2019.

Recent and previous polls show that Americans are concerned about Biden’s physical and mental condition. Haley calls for mental competence tests to be given to politicians older than 75, a proposal that First Lady Jill Biden 76 deemed “ridiculous”, but which former President Donald Trump 76, and GOP candidates support.

This is the first time a candidate for public office has made a death prediction, especially at this level. While it’s fair to ask Biden questions about his age and ability to think, I don’t believe it is wise to predict that political opponents will die.

Trump may not be that much younger than Biden, but he seems more vigorous and active. Democrats and the media claimed that Trump appeared to be near death when he gripped water with both hands and slowly walked up a ramp.

Unless someone has hard evidence that their opponent is on their deathbed, I think this tactic should be thrown in the trash. There are myriad issues to take with Joe Biden, after all, with his age and questionable physical and mental health being among them. Adding death predictions to the list is, in my view, a bit on the grotesque side and I’d honestly like for GOP candidates to not “go there” — like at all.