Noem Signs Bill to Prohibit Transgender Surgeries and More for Minors


Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem (R), has signed legislation that prohibits healthcare professionals from providing sex-reassignment surgery, puberty-blocking drugs, and hormones for minors.

This law prohibits healthcare professionals from providing services that validate minors’ biological identities. It also bans them from using hormones, estrogens, or progesterones in amounts greater than what would naturally occur in patients.

It also stipulates that if a professional licensing board or occupational licensing board finds that someone is in violation of the prohibition, the board must cancel any occupational or professional license or certificate that the healthcare professional holds.

Noem, who was elected to office in 2019, won reelection for his term in 2022.

“South Dakota’s children are our future.” According to a press release, Noem stated that this legislation will protect children from permanent, harmful medical procedures. “I will continue to stand for the next generation of South Dakotans.”

As the cultural debate continues over issues pertaining to radical leftist gender ideology, common-sense legislation is a welcome development.

The ACLU was furious at the ban.

“Today is a tragic and heartbreaking day for thousands of South Dakotans and families. While the ban will not stop South Dakotans from being transgender, it will prevent them from receiving critical support to help their transgender children grow up into thriving adults. This fight isn’t over, but it should be. We will not stop fighting for trans youth the right to receive the love, support, and care they deserve. According to a press release, the ACLU of South Dakota and the ACLU of South Dakota made a joint statement.