Noted Federal Spending Expert Valerie Bertinelli Waxes Idiotic About Debt Ceiling Debate


Hollywood’s left-wingers and their countless opinions on issues they have no knowledge of is one of my favorite topics to cover. Today, we ask Valerie Bertinelli, a noted federal spending expert and actress, to explain the debt ceiling debate in a “super simple” way.

If I was a snobby writer — ahem, I would refer to Ms. Bertinelli’s as an ultracrepidarian. But then you’d need to look it up, and I wouldn’t want to waste time on such a trivial thing. OK, fine. Let’s not get stuck on that. [winking emoji]

As Joe Biden, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and House Republicans continue their battle to raise the debt ceiling, Bertinelli, who became famous for her role as “One Day at a Time” in the CBS sitcom that first aired on CBS in 1975, apparently feels it is her duty to explain the complex issue of the debt ceiling in “super simple terms”.

The debt ceiling can be compared to your monthly credit card bill. Republicans are the ones who pushed up this bill, which was a tax break for billionaires. No revenue. Now they want to not pay the nation’s [sic] debt and blame Democrats.

Oh, my. Where do you begin?

Bertinelli’s skis are clearly way over her head. Let’s take a step back, at the risk of going too far away from Valerie’s “super simple” explanation.

Interest payments are not the highest expense for a hardworking American who has credit card debt. Interest payments for the national debt service amounted roughly to $475 billion during fiscal 2022. The “credit card balance” was just below $32 trillion.

The hardworking American borrower’s credit company does not raise the spending limit of the card, and the lender struggles to pay only the interest. Add in Joe Biden, and Democrats who spend your money like drunken sailor, and do their damnedest not to increase the debt once they think they have you tapped out – for now.

Second, Bertinelli’s selective outrage – pointing at Republicans and repeating the tired canard of “tax breaks for millionaires” – while ignoring Democrat blunderings like Biden’s ill-fated “forgiveness” (transferring to people who did not contractually agree to pay back) student loan debt; spending $350 millions to house, feed and transport illegal immigrants; or shipping over $75 billion in aid to Ukraine (and counting) to fund its endless war against Russian dictator Vladimir Putin

Lists of demands by Democrats for ever-increasing amounts of taxpayer money, and an ever rising national debt ceiling are endless.

I’m not sure about you, but I think Biden and McCarthy ought to just hand the whole thing over Valerie Bertinelli, and let her sort it out — in simple terms, of course.

Maybe Kamala Harris is Biden’s border-czar. Oh, but wait! Kamala is now leading Biden’s Artificial Intelligence Team.

The jokes keep coming, don’t you think? I’m out.